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4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic

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4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic

Life doesn’t seem to slow down on any occasion.

Now is the perfect time to give yourself a break and breathe in the fresh air of spring with a delightful picnic!

For a lot of people right now, their calendar is filled with appointments, projects, and events, and their busy schedules are packed with seemingly endless to-do lists. When life begins to feel like this, it’s important to find ways to refresh yourself to prevent burnout. Some people will dive into beloved hobbies or maybe find new practices for their self-care routine, but there are plenty of other ways to give yourself a break, especially in the spring! 

Picnics are a great way to spend some time in nature and enjoy the little moments that make life so magical! Whether you are looking to kick back and relax with friends or throw an energizing lunch for staff and coworkers, a spring picnic is guaranteed to boost morale and add a fun, seasonal spark to everyone’s schedule! 

Hosting a Refreshing Spring Picnic the Right Way

While it may seem simple at first, there are a lot of things to keep in mind while hosting a picnic. Before you find yourself lost with no inspiration or idea of what you’ll need, let’s explore Table & Thyme’s 4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic!  

1. Find the Perfect Place to Set Up

Wherever you decide to host your picnic will play a major impact on how successful your picnic will be overall! You may be thinking, “won’t any park or shady patch of grass do?” While, yes, you can have a picnic pretty much anywhere, that doesn’t mean you should. Take some time to scope out potential picnic venues before deciding on anywhere specific. Things to consider when looking for a picnic spot include making sure there is plenty of shade, choosing a place that is easily accessible without being crowded, and possibly even being close to restroom facilities! 

There are a multitude of places that would be perfect for a spring picnic, especially in the Greater Birmingham area for Birmingham locals! Enjoy the company of guests surrounded by lush greenery in a boho greenhouse venue, relax next to crystalline waters with a lakeside picnic event, take in the natural beauty of the region’s unique characteristics by setting up at a cliffside overlook, or get cozy with a backyard picnic! 

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic greenhouse picnic

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic lakeside picnic

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic cliff overlook picnic

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic backyard picnic


2. Include a Delicious and Picnic-Friendly Menu

Deciding what to serve at your picnic is arguably as important as deciding on where to have it! The most important thing to consider when deciding on a picnic menu is how well the food will hold up at the picnic. Dishes like hot pastas and soups may not fare as well as fresh foods and shareables in the outdoors and under a spring sun. We suggest including a number of food options for guests to enjoy for a picnic event that starts with fresh finger foods! Fruits and vegetables, especially seasonal ones, are a wonderful addition to a spring picnic. Grapes, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, snap peas, citruses, strawberries, and more are guaranteed to make every picnic feel vibrant from the start! 

The next thing to include in your picnic menu is a variety of dips for the fresh finger foods. A simple bowl of red pepper hummus paired with some soft-baked pita bread or even some sweetened baked Brie topped with spring preserves are perfect for a picnic! 

For the main entree, we suggest choosing a dish that is simple and shareable. For example, having finger-sandwiches like our Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches, garnished with pickled red onions and capers, is an ideal way to incorporate the simplicity of picnics with style and flair!

Finally, there should always be a sweet treat to complete the meal! Guests can snack on lemon custard cupcakes to top off the event, or even share bite-sized servings of blueberry cheesecake! The possibilities are truly endless, but spring-inspired desserts are sure to be enjoyed by everyone invited! 

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic fresh finger foods and produce

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic hummus and pita slices

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic baked brie with preserve topping

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic salmon tea sandwiches

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic lemon custard cupcakes4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic blueberry cheesecake bites


3. Don’t Forget to Bring Drinks!

Having a refreshing drink to sip on at a sunny spring picnic is an absolute must, so what should you bring? Firstly, it’s always important to have fresh water on hand to prevent dehydration, no matter how much shade there is! Aside from that, fruit-infused drinks and cocktails are a great option to serve at picnics! Imagine you and your picnic guests enjoying the refreshing taste of a spring strawberry spritzer, sipping on an energizing afternoon mimosa, or even toasting to a successful season ahead with a chilled glass of rosemary lemonade! What could be better?

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic strawberry spritzer

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic mimosas

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic rosemary lemonade


4. Give Yourself a Well-Deserved Break and Work with an Experienced Caterer like Table & Thyme!

Hosting a spring picnic with family, friends, or even for work is a great way to add elements of relaxation and joy to a busy schedule. While it can help anyone feel more recharged for the spring season, having a trustworthy caterer on your side can make it even better! Table & Thyme is dedicated to creating unique and memorable culinary experiences, and we have catering options to fit every event’s needs! For larger get-togethers and corporate events, our grazing tables are an ideal choice for a spring picnic this year! For those looking to spend some much-needed quality time with family and friends, we have a multitude of graze box options to choose from! Whatever you may have in mind, we can make it happen, simply get in touch with our experienced event planners to bring your ideas to life! 

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic grazing tables

4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic Table & Thyme graze box


We hope you enjoyed our 4 Tips for a Refreshing Spring Picnic. We love sharing event tips and even highlights from the events we’ve catered in the past, so if you’re interested in seeing more, be sure to check in with our blog where we post every week! You can also follow us on social media for high-quality recipes and more using the links below! 

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