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5 Fall Decor DIYs to Try This Year!

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5 Fall Decor DIYs to Try This Year!

It’s about that time of year...

The air starts to feel a little crisper, leaves begin to change their colors, and the smell of pumpkin wraps everything like a cozy blanket. It’s almost time for fall!

As the days are beginning to be a little bit shorter, we inch closer and closer to one of the most anticipated seasons of the year as autumn comes into view. There’s an undeniable magic that comes with this unique season that many people wait for all year long, making it hard to wait until the temperatures drop to start celebrating! 

Decorating your home for fall is one way to get into the spirit of the season, but finding the best elements to include in your home isn’t always easy! In fact, every home is different, which means stock fall decorations sold in department stores just aren’t going to be able to capture the distinct personality that characterizes your family and home. What’s the solution, then? Simple, DIY!

DIY isn’t for everyone, but it is a fun and creative (and often budget-friendly) alternative to searching and shopping for decor in person and online. You can draw inspiration from pretty much anywhere and most likely you will be able to find a great DIY tutorial to make yourself, or, you may even have some creative ideas of your own to try out! 

Not only does it give you more control of the artistic choices of your home’s interior design, but making your own decor is also a fun way to spend time with family and friends while celebrating the aesthetic of the season!

We know how much fun a good DIY can be, and especially with fall just around the corner, how quickly that DIY bug can worm its way into your plans. That’s why we’ve searched for some iconic, chic, and interesting DIY projects to try this fall! 

5 Fall Decorative DIYs to Try in 2021!

There’s no time like the present to try something new! And if that something is a creative and cost-effective way to accessorize your home, what’s stopping you? Here are our 5 favorite fall DIYs to try as we move into autumn!


Chic Pumpkin Topiary DIY

Image and DIY originally by Gina Tepper

Chic Pumpkin Topiary

This adorable topiary is a stylish addition to any front porch, and it’s also super easy to make yourself! To make this DIY Pumpkin Topiary, you’ll need: 

  • 2 Plastic Bowls
  • 1 Sturdy Plate
  • 1 Cardboard Cylinder (Salt or Oatmeal Container)
  • Wood Stirrer Sticks
  • Floral Foam
  • 3 Foam Pumpkins
  • Autumn Leaves and Flowers 
  • Metallic Acrylic Paint (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • Copper Paint (Acrylic or Spray Paint)
  • Hot Glue Gun

It doesn’t take much effort to achieve this masterpiece. Simply hot glue the materials together in the formation shown in the image above (a plastic bowl glued bottom-side down on both ends of the cylinder with one glued to the bottom of the plastic plate; wood stir sticks glued around the cylinder to add texture) and spray paint! You have complete creative freedom when it comes to how you want your topiary to look, so don’t be afraid to deviate from the guide! 

Once the base is complete, you’ll place your floral foam inside of the bowl that will serve as the top of your topiary and begin placing your arrangement of leaves and flowers. You’ll need to leave most of it empty, since the next piece of the topiary will be placed on top of the floral foam.

Once your leaves and flowers are arranged to your liking, you’ll create the second section of the structure. Remove the stems from two of the three foam pumpkins and stack on top of one another, leaving the pumpkin with the remaining stem for the top. Make sure these pumpkins are securely glued to one another and spray paint with a metallic color of choice.

Once dry, place the foam pumpkins on top of the floral foam and secure with glue. Wait to cure and enjoy your new fall topiary!

For a more detailed guide with step-by-step instructions and images to guide you along the way for this DIY, check out Gina Tepper’s instructional guide here

fall DIY decor pumpkin pillows

Image and DIY originally by Fletcher Creek Cottage

Cozy Pumpkin Pillows

Fall is truly one of the most special times of the year because it brings a profound feeling of comfort and coziness to our lives. What better way to represent this than will a collection of soft, plush, pumpkin-shaped pillows? No need to spend your hard earned money at a department store when you’ve likely got all you need at home! 

If you have a habit of stocking up on clothes you haven’t worn in a long time, this may be the perfect motivation to clear out some of your storage! Old sweaters are perfect for this DIY, and you don’t have to feel bad about keeping them stored away for so long since they’ll find a new purpose in your home!

To make these cute little throw pillows you’ll need:

  • An old sweater (or however many you’d like to use depending on how many pillows you’d like to make.
  • Poly-Fil / or you could repurpose an old pillow and use the fill
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
  • Jute Twine
  • Needle & Thread
  • Fabric Sheers
  • Rubber Bands

This DIY is by all means easy, but may be easier for those with some sewing experience. To make these pillows, you’ll first want to get to the usable fabric of your sweater. You can use whatever pieces you’d like. Just keep in mind the size of the fabric will determine the size of the pumpkin. Having a variety of sizes and patterns can be an entertaining way to subtly nod to the onset of fall, so don’t be afraid to mix things up! Essentially, cut your sweater(s) into scraps that work for the size of pillow you have in mind. There’s no need to stress too much about the shape of the scraps, so don’t stress over cutting out a perfect square or circle. 

Next, position your fabric flat on your workspace and begin placing your stuffing of choice. This amount can change as you go, but this initial placement is going to help shape your pumpkin and make it easier to work with. 

Once you think you have enough stuffing placed in the center of your fabric, begin gathering all of the ends and sides of the fabric in one hand, so that it begins to form the ‘balloon-like shape.’ Once all of the edges have been gathered, you shouldn’t see any openings past where you are holding the fabric. Use a rubber band to hold the edges of the fabric together. At this point, you can add or remove filling as desired, but make sure each pillow has enough to feel firm and supported. 

The fabric left over from where you tied the rubber band is going to become the stem of the pumpkin, so be sure not to cut it off thinking it’s just scrap! You should, at this point, have a ball-shaped pillow with a ponytail. Prepare your thread and needle with thread that resembles the fabric you’re working with and secure it to the top of the pumpkin (near the base of the stem.)

Make sure the thread is secure and loop the thread around the stem’s base several times. Then, push the needle and thread through the center of the pumpkin from the top (stem) to the bottom and bring the needle and thread back up to the top to repeat the process. Do so around the outside of the pumpkin and pull the string to make the pumpkin’s sections more visible. You have control over how many sections are on your pumpkins, so do what feels right to you! Once you’re done, tie off your thread and make sure it is secure before cutting off the excess. 

Next, use a dab of hot glue at the base of your stem to get it started. Glue a piece of twine to the fabric and begin wrapping it around the extra fabric. Use glue to secure the twine as you wind it tightly around the fabric in an upward movement. The length of the stem is based on personal preference, so when you feel it’s right, remove any excess fabric with scissors, glue the top of your stem, and spiral twine to cover the fabric. Trim the twine and enjoy your adorable pumpkin pillow! 

For a more detailed explanation with pictures to follow along with, visit this guide by Fletcher Creek Cottage here

fall DIY decor cinnamon stick candles

Image and DIY originally by Home Stories A to Z

Cinnamon Stick Candles

Who doesn’t love that all-encompassing smell that cinnamon brings in the fall? This DIY is so easy, yet so great. It’s simple and looks stunning and definitely worth a try!

All you’ll need are some candles, cinnamon sticks, a few rubber bands, and your choice of ribbon or twine!

Putting it together really is as simple as it looks.

Begin by placing the rubber band on the candle and feed the cinnamon sticks under the rubber band one by one. You can try to give them a unified length or go for a more rustic appearance by mixing and matching length, but place cinnamon sticks until the candle is completely surrounded.

Wrap your ribbon or twine around the rubber band a few times and tie off in a cute little bow! 

What a quick, easy, and adorable DIY to celebrate this fall!

fall DIY decor wax leaves

Image by Chris Lawton

DIY originally by Creative Homemaking

Easy Waxed Fall Leaves

These wax leaves are not for any specific DIY, but are a great and inexpensive craft item to utilize in your fall decorations this year!

Simply gather some fall leaves from your backyard or nearby park and grab some paraffin wax on your way home!

In a small wax burner or crockpot, melt the paraffin wax. 

Once it’s ready, dip the leaves and completely cover (stem and all). Remove and place on wax paper to dry.

Leaves can be dipped multiple times for better sealant, but they may be more difficult to work with if they are covered in too much wax.

These leave you with beautiful leaves that can last for the entirety of fall and be used in a variety of DIY projects. From tablescapes to garlands to confetti, the possibilities are endless (and festive!)


fall DIY decor leaf wreath

Image and DIY originally by Birds and Blooms

Rustic Fall Leaf Wreath

Perfect for the front door or as a piece of art on the wall, this seasonal wreath has a unique and natural beauty to it. In order to make this DIY, you’re actually going to utilize the same process and materials from the last DIY (Easy Waxed Fall Leaves). It’s the same process described above, only you’ll need a few more materials for this project!

  • Grapevine wire (double the length needed for desired wreath circumference)
  • Wire cutter
  • Leaves and other nature finds
  • Paraffin wax 
  • Waxed paper
  • Hot glue

First, you’ll warm up your wax in your wax warmer or crockpot. While the wax is melting, bend the grapevine wire to the shape and size of wreath you’d like. Use the second length and spiral/wrap around the original wire and leave a small length to be used for hanging the wreath (as pictured above). 

After gathering leaves, acorns, pinecones, and any other natural artifact you’d like to incorporate into your fall wreath, make sure they are free from debris and begin preparing them.

Dip the items into the paraffin wax and set aside to dry. 

Then, arrange them on your wreath and secure with hot glue. 

Enjoy your fall wreath!

For a more detailed account of how to create this fall wreath, visit Birds and Blooms guide here!

We hope you enjoyed this selection of fall DIY crafts to try this year and that you feel inspired to decorate your space and celebrate the upcoming season! If you tried any of these DIYs, share them with us by tagging us on social media! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself while building your DIY skills and have a happy fall y’all!

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