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5-Star Events from the Comfort of Your Home with Table & Thyme

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5-Star Events from the Comfort of Your Home with Table & Thyme

Right now, very few things are for certain, and that can be discouraging for anyone looking to host an event in 2022. 

Just because events may have to look a little different from what we are used to, does not mean they can’t be everything you’ve hoped for!

As the world enters year three of a global pandemic that will probably define this generation’s chapter in future history books, life continues to coast in the unfamiliar for most people. While the guidelines for hosting large events may be loosening, the ever-growing threat of a quickly adapting virus continues to loom over all of us. But hope is not all lost! Even though there is still uncertainty in the world, there are safe options when it comes to events to ensure the safety of guests, hosts, and even vendors alike! 

One of those options is small events at home. In the past, this usually suggested events were much more casual, but if that’s not your goal, they don’t have to be! Now is the perfect time to re-invent at-home events and create wonderful and lasting memories in safety! Not only are they much more convenient and comfortable, but with the help of Table & Thyme, they can be expertly organized, catered, and styled! Let’s take a look at some of the high-end at-home events we’ve catered in the past to inspire your events in 2022! 

There are a number of ways Table & Thyme can help you achieve your event goals in the comfort of your home! For smaller events, we have multiple Graze Boxes to choose from, each providing a gourmet customizable menu to fit your needs! Or, for events with more than a few members on the guest list, our Grazing Tables are the perfect option for a high-end, styled, and delicious catering experience! And last but certainly not least, Table & Thyme even offers plated meal options for at-home events with an intimate 5-star dining experience! Let’s break down what each option entails before exploring our recommendations for your at-home event! 

Table & Thyme’s Graze Boxes

All of our Graze Boxes feature a plethora of fresh fruit, vegetables, crackers, chips, dips, nuts, aged meats, artisan cheeses, sweet treats, and more unless otherwise stated in the product description. They are also customizable to meet your particular needs! 

Mini-Graze Boxes

Our smallest variation of our unique Graze Boxes that can feed 1-2 people a piece. Perfect to send as a gift to friends, family, teachers, and more! 

Kids’ Graze Boxes

With kids in mind, this option sports a balance of healthy snack options with tasty treats for the little ones and feeds 15-18. 

Medium Graze Boxes

These entail all of our staple grazing elements and feed about 6 people in total. Perfect as a gift, a picnic meal, or housewarming present!

Traditional Graze Boxes

Our Traditional Graze Boxes feature an assortment of our favorite culinary elements that are perfect for 15-18 people to snack on at birthday parties, open houses, and more! 

Custom Graze Boxes

Dietary restrictions or special customizations? No problem! We offer plenty of versatile dining options such as our Vegetarian Graze Boxes, College Letter Boxes, Letter and Number Boxes, and our Brunch Boxes! Click on each option to learn more!

Table & Thyme’s Grazing Tables

Our Grazing Tables can be customized to fit event needs. Anywhere from 6 to over 300 guests, we are with you every step of the way to find what best suits your vision!

Table & Thyme’s Plated Meals 

We offer a number of delicious meal options and gourmet plated dinners that make each and every event remarkable! Browse our event menus to get a taste of what we can provide for your event! 

What Kind of At-Home Events can Table & Thyme Cater?

The list is truly endless, but let’s go over some popular events we’ve catered in the past in the comfort of clients’ homes! 

Breakfast, Lunch, & Brunch!

There are so plenty of events that would be perfectly matched with a daytime menu! Baby and bridal showers, business luncheons, and more! Table & Thyme offers unique catering opportunities to explore such as our waffle, bagel, and parfait bars, as well as generous helpings of breakfast meats like bacon and sausage and plentiful fresh fruit! Regardless of size, our Graze Boxes, especially the Brunch Graze Boxes, and our Grazing Tables are the perfect fit for these at-home events!  


5-Star Events from the Comfort of Your Home with Table & Thyme

5-Star Events from the Comfort of Your Home with Table & Thyme

5-Star Events from the Comfort of Your Home with Table & Thyme

Luxurious Spreads for Any Occasion!

Vibrant colors and artistically arranged Grazing Tables can bring any event from casual to WOW! Our selection of high-quality and fresh food items in conjunction with gourmet appetizers and starters paired with beautiful floral arrangements are perfect for family get-togethers, open houses, award nights, holiday parties, and so much more! 

5-Star Events from the Comfort of Your Home with Table & Thyme

5-Star Events from the Comfort of Your Home with Table & Thyme

5-Star Events from the Comfort of Your Home with Table & Thyme


Unique Experiences All Around!

Hoping for an uniquely unmatched event experience? Look no further! Table & Thyme is dedicated to making each and every detail exceed your expectations. If it’s a birthday party you’re planning, our Number and Letter Graze Boxes offer a fun, tasty, and engaging catering opportunity! Wanting to celebrate a special milestone with friends or relatives over a gourmet dinner? Let us make that happen with our multiple-course plated menus and event styling and staging!  

5-Star Events from the Comfort of Your Home with Table & Thyme

5-Star Events from the Comfort of Your Home with Table & Thyme

5-Star Events from the Comfort of Your Home with Table & Thyme


We hope this has inspired you in your event planning in 2022! We are so excited to explore all of the possibilities in the coming year and can’t wait to work with you to create unforgettable experiences. Plus, we have vast connections with local vendors to make every detail perfect for your event. Let’s redefine what events at home can be together and make traditions that will last a lifetime despite the hardship the world has faced in the past few years! 

For more information on Table and Thyme, contact them today! Follow us on our social media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest to see the other amazing events, lavishing grazing tables and beautiful graze boxes we have created.