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A Guide to Plan the Perfect Summer Wedding

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A Guide to Plan the Perfect Summer Wedding


Now that June has come about, peak wedding season has finally arrived. 

Summer weddings are absolutely stunning and so memorable, but require a different set of skills to plan that most people don’t anticipate when planning their wedding. 

If you’ve found yourself planning your ideal summer wedding, you’re close to someone who has set their wedding sights on the warmer months, or are just exploring the elements you want most for your dream wedding, this guide is perfect for you! At Table & Thyme, we work on a lot of unique events. We’ve attended our fair share of weddings and have learned the ins and outs of the industry over time. Weddings are some of the most magical days of our lives and deserve to be as perfect as possible. There is a lot that goes into planning a flawless wedding, and a wedding scheduled between June and September means there are even more things to consider for the big day. This guide is designed to help outline some of the major concerns and key things to remember for planning a summer wedding. We hope it will be helpful for you or someone close to you to plan the perfect summer wedding! 


plan wedding early

Image by Jess Bailey 

1. Early Bird Gets the Worm

Peak wedding season didn’t get that title for nothing. A majority of weddings are scheduled and take place between the months of June to September, making it much harder to find a venue that hasn’t been booked. Depending on the popularity of the venue, most dates (especially weekends) will be reserved for years in advance, so the sooner you start looking for a venue, the better your odds of finding an availability. It’s important not to set your heart on a venue before checking availability if you’re hoping to get married during peak season since it’s such a competitive time. Because of this competition, many venues increase their prices for booking the venue during peak season, so you’ll need to be prepared for the extra financial obligation that comes with summer weddings. Keep your views wide and options open, explore as many venues as possible and always ask about open days for booking before deciding on a venue in your head. Typically, planning your wedding 1-2 years in advance will be enough to get you the venue and dates you want, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get everything outlined. Don’t rush into a ceremony unless you’re looking for the thrill of uncertainty and spontaneity. 


setting your wedding date

Image by Samantha Gades

2: Don’t Choose a Date Too Soon

Since summer is the peak wedding season and venues are dealing with increased competition, it’s much more difficult to look at venues with a specific date in mind. As we mentioned before, a lot of venues can have dates reserved for years in advance, and believe it or not, some dates are much more popular than others! For example, people tend to gravitate toward holidays and weekends, meaning if your desired date happens to fall on a Friday, it’s less likely to be available and almost guaranteed to be more expensive. If you’re planning on having a summer wedding, it’s best to begin the venue browsing process by being as open as possible. You can have a month or general date range in mind, but being as flexible as possible with your date is the least mentally draining and more helpful way of approaching a summer wedding. 


set and stick to wedding budget

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

3. Set Your Budget (And Stick to It!)

This is advice you likely hear all the time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable! If you’re hoping for a wedding in the sun or under the stars on a warm summer night, odds are you’ll be spending more money. You need to be prepared for the increased financial obligation that comes with booking a venue, caterers, and other wedding services during peak season. A good way to balance out these finances is to opt for some DIY design, a hand-me-down gown, or having friends and family help with set up and take down for your wedding. Find ways to cut costs here and there in order to make your wedding happen within the budget you set and if you’ve explored all other options to no avail, only then should you consider stepping outside of your budget. Don’t fall victim to impulsivity! If you’re planning with enough time, odds are you should fall within your budget while still having your dream summer wedding! 


backup wedding venue

Image by Lauren Rader

4. Have a Backup Venue Plan Ready to Go

You never know what will happen, but you can be prepared. Expect the unexpected, even for your wedding! Let’s say you’ve spent a year planning a gorgeous outdoor wedding on the beach. Suddenly, it’s a day before your wedding and never-ending thunderstorms are slated for your special day. If you followed our advice, you’d walk into your wedding ceremony worry free because you’ve already planned for unexpected circumstances! In case of emergencies, you can plan for and be prepared for your wedding to be held at a small park or a courthouse elopement ceremony. Regardless, you’ll be prepared for everything! Whether it's related to the weather or access to the venue itself, it’s best to have multiple options and wedding plans in place in case something happens close to the ceremony. It’s one of the most memorable and important days of your life, don’t fill it with stress and worry! 


wedding day festivities

Image by Alvaro CvG

5. Planning Your Wedding Day Festivities

There’s a lot more to weddings than just the ceremony. When planning your wedding, a lot of your energy is dedicated to keeping your guests thoroughly entertained throughout the entire day! When it comes to summer weddings, this can be a bit more difficult. If you’re hoping for an outdoor wedding, keep temperatures, accessibility to restrooms and water, and entertainment in mind. You can try to have as much fun as possible by incorporating water elements like sprinklers, pools, and more to keep your guests cool, or you can orchestrate more refined accommodations like ice cream or snow cone bars or a lakeside ceremony. Whatever you decide, understand the pros and cons of summertime weddings and ways to keep your guests happy and entertained. 


wedding color palettes

Image by insung yoon 

6. Choosing Your Color Palette

Choosing a color palette is one of the ways where the personality of the couple really shines through the wedding itself. Summer weddings usually involve more vibrant and lively colors compared to the fall and summer months that feature more muted color variations. In essence, color palettes are reflective of the season itself. There are so many beautiful color combinations that make summer weddings pop, so don’t be afraid to explore them! 


summer wedding gazebo

Image by Jeremy Wong Weddings

Things to Remember

When it comes to planning your summer wedding, there are a few important things to remember!

Beware of Makeup Melt

Unless you’re opting for an indoor wedding, the elements can cause a lot of issue with weddings. Something a lot of people don’t consider for weddings under the summer sun is the phenomenon of ‘makeup melt’. Exactly like it sounds, makeup melt can leave quite the negative impression on you and your guests and leave your wedding pictures looking a little lackluster. Opting for a morning wedding or one later in the evening can help to avoid the dreaded makeup melt, or having plenty of airflow and cooling options available! 

Choose Decor and Food Wisely

Just like any other season, summer has a unique effect on weddings and other special events. Be careful in selecting the food, flowers, and decor for your wedding. Opt for items that won’t fade or spoil as easily under the sun or when exposed to the heat unless you’re planning for your ceremony to be indoors! 

Prepare for the Elements

No matter what the forecast calls for, be prepared. You never know what’s going to happen, and it’s so much easier on you and your guests if you’re prepared for anything and everything under the sun! Have a backup plan if there’s rain or be ready for an extra-extra hot day under the sun. 

June Wedding Inspiration

June is a special time of year that is perfect for sweet, elegant, and unforgettable summer weddings!

Get inspired to celebrate your love in the month of June! 

June Color Palettes

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Summer Wedding Food

Table & Thyme specializes in creating amazing spreads, especially for weddings. Take a peek at some of our favorite weddings we’ve catered for and get inspired for delicious and stunning tablescapes to have at your wedding! 

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Scenic Garden Lunch Spread at The Shoppe

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We hope you enjoyed this guide for planning the perfect summer wedding. If you are someone you know is looking at having their special day under the summer sun, make sure to share this article so that everyone can plan the best day possible! 

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