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10 Ideas for Your Next Company Lunch

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10 Ideas for Your Next Company Lunch

Wondering what to serve for your upcoming staff lunch or corporate event?

We’ve whipped up 10 menu ideas just for you. Take a look!

If there’s one thing we know as an experienced caterer for upscale events across Alabama, it’s how to find the right menu for every occasion. 

Staff lunches, corporate events, and business meetings can be a great way for companies, colleagues, and associates to grow relationships, discuss upcoming plans, and so much more. 

What food you serve at your corporate luncheon can make a major impact on the success of your event. 

Keep reading to hear our expert tips and for 10 company lunch ideas!

What to serve at a corporate lunch

Before hosting a staff lunch or corporate catered event, it’s important to consider your options when deciding which menu will be the best fit. 

What you serve at a corporate luncheon can impact the success of your event in a number of ways. The right menu can add to the spirit of collaboration and focus people’s attention. It can contribute to team-building as a conversation starter, or it can persuade more to attend and participate in group discussions. 

Different types of meals for a business lunch 

What you choose to serve at a staff or business lunch will depend on the nature of the occasion, the industry or company, and the people in attendance. There are different types of meals that may be a better choice for your event compared to others. 

For example, if you expect to feed a moderately-sized crowd for an event featuring guest speakers and informative presentations, individually boxed meals are a great option. 

However, if you have a smaller guest list for a team-building event, a buffet or grazing table could be a better choice for your staff lunch. 

You may also consider other types of meals, such as food stations or plated meals. 

In addition to the type of meal you serve at your corporate luncheon, it’s important to think about the type of food your guests will be enjoying. 

Choosing the food

For a staff lunch, it’s best to serve food that is filling without leaving guests with a sluggish, heavy feeling. Lighter fare that caters to a general palate is preferable for most corporate lunch hosts. 

And luckily, there are so many great foods to choose from!

10 Staff Lunch Ideas to Try

several sliders up close

1. Sandwiches, Sliders, and Wraps

Make catering easy on yourself with pre-made sandwiches, sliders, and wraps! 

These are versatile meal options that just about everyone is bound to enjoy. 

Offer a selection of pre-made subs, or upgrade your menu with gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches! 


shrimp and salmon tacos

2. Tacos

Got a weekday business lunch scheduled? Make it an exciting Taco Tuesday!

Boost morale by arranging a menu of local street tacos. Or, let guests customize their tacos with an open taco bar! 


drizzling honey on pizza

3. Pizza

Why is pizza such a popular food for any occasion? Because there’s a perfect topping out there for everyone! 

Build strong communication skills while sharing a large pizza pie, or shake things up and have a selection of fresh toppings to add to personal pizzas portioned for one.


poke bowl

Image by Miu Sua

4. Poke Bowls

Poke bowls are convenient, balanced, and packed with a ton of fresh flavors. 

They offer a filling (but not overbearing) meal for everyone to enjoy and can include delicious foods such as sashimi, shrimp, eel, edamame, and more over a bed of rice. 


plate of crepes and assorted syrups

Image by Svitlana

5. Crepes

Crepes are a simple choice that is the perfect touch for anyone looking to elevate their corporate lunch event. 

They can be sweet or savory with a variety of fillings like cheese and spinach or cream and fresh fruit. 


Chicago-style hot dog close up

6. Hot Dogs

What is your favorite type of hot dog? Are you a fan of a New York-style dog, or are you more persuaded by Chicago’s way of hot dog dressing? 

Hot dogs are an entertaining and easy option for catering staff lunches, especially in the summer months. They are fun and let people show off their personalities, too! 


Hibachi grilled foods

Image by Albany Capture

7. Hibachi

Opting for hibachi may seem a little unconventional, but sometimes the best things in life are! 

Guests can fill their plates however they’d like and enjoy the fun of watching the experts work to create a delicious meal. 

It’s more than just entertainment, though. Hibachi will grab everyone’s attention, making it easier to redirect on important discussions with a focused crowd.


bowl of pasta up close

8. Pasta Bar

A pasta bar is another great option, though it may be more effective for later scheduled business lunches and events held during the colder months. 

Then again, there is no bad time for a plate of good pasta!


person pouring white sauce onto plate at a barbeque

9. BBQ

Nothing brings out the spirit of togetherness like a good old-fashioned barbeque!

Get out the grill, serve up some Southern slaw, and don’t forget the BBQ sauce


meat, cheese, fruit, and chocolates on table

10. Meat & Cheese Platters

Looking for some lighter fare?

Meat and cheese platters are an ideal choice for events with a smaller crowd. They can be served as individual graze boxes or even larger grazing tables alongside fresh fruits and vegetables. 

A spread of finely aged meats and cheeses is a convenient choice for a staff luncheon. 


several graze boxes

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