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Corporate Fundraising Ideas for a Successful Event

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Corporate Fundraising Ideas for a Successful Event

A successful fundraising campaign relies on simplicity, entertainment, and strategy. 

Here are 8 ideas to make your next fundraising event a hit! 

What inspires a fundraising event may vary depending on the corporations and organizations involved. Customarily, corporations and non-profit organizations collaborate with fundraising events to raise money towards a specified goal. As presenters or sponsors, corporations use fundraising events to connect with the community on a personal level for development. 

Some corporations may hire professional planners to promote and arrange special events that facilitate the spirit of giving among employees and other guests. 

These days, fundraising encompasses much more than simple donations. Interesting incentives and the promise of a memorable experience yield much more participation than traditional fundraising methods. Pledges, bids, tickets, raffles, and prizes are some of the many interactive methods of raising money that combine entertainment and productive involvement! 

Regardless of how goals are met, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth outcome. Corporate fundraising events should be simple, entertaining, and planned to meet the needs and expectations of a specific community or crowd.

With these things in mind, let’s take a look at 8 fun and engaging corporate fundraising ideas!   

How to Make Any Fundraising Event a Success

pair of red dice on white background

Image by Brett Jordan 

Play Games! 

Rally support for your corporate fundraising event with the promise of captivating entertainment and lighthearted challenges! An evening filled with fun games and exciting prizes is an attention-grabbing way to get people involved in the fundraising festivities. Bingo, trivia, casino games, and a raffle are a few easily adaptable activities to include in any fundraiser! 

popcorn being shoveled into bag

Image by Meg Boulden 

Host a Private Movie Screening

Offer a screening of a specially chosen film or movie for your next corporate fundraising event! Most movie theaters allow facility rentals for private screenings. Guests can bid on the best seats in the house or contribute to the fundraiser by purchasing popcorn, drinks, and other snacks while enjoying a trip to the cinema. 

people sitting at a table outside

Image by David Todd McCarty 

Kick Back with a Company Picnic 

Host a refreshing picnic filled with fresh air and fun! Corporate fundraising picnics can include a variety of outdoor games and recreation like volleyball, soccer, softball, cornhole, three-legged races, and more! Add to the amusement with the inclusion of local food trucks and tents filled with crafts and activities like face painting. A picnic provides fun for the whole family to enjoy and is a great way to get people excited about the event. 


long table with food arranged in center

Attend a Wine & Graze Class

People are always looking for hobbies to try and for opportunities to hone their culinary skills. Offer eventgoers the chance to learn the art of creating irresistible graze boards from talented professionals! And, there will be no need to provide extra catering as guests can enjoy their flavorful creations. Alongside an amusing and appetizing workshop, guests can also learn how to pair wine like a pro while trying a selection of fine vino! The bottles can also be offered as a way to raise money for the fundraiser. 


six paintings on easels arranged in a room

Image by Raychan

Bid at a Silent Auction

Silent auctions are a great way to ensure a rewarding experience for a corporate fundraising event, both in meeting the overall goal of the event and for the guests that make it possible! The range and value of items auctioned are up to you and include everything from artwork and collectibles to handmade crafts and goods, classes, tickets, and more. 


a golf club next to a golf ball on grass

Image by Robert Ruggerio 

Compete in a Golf Tournament 

A little friendly competition never hurt anybody. Tee off your next corporate fundraising event with a lively golf tournament! Add a serene backdrop of hilly green fields for a relaxing ambiance, and invite guests to participate with a special prize for the tournament winner! 


four plates of different dishes on ornate table

Organize a Dazzling Dinner 

Host an upscale corporate fundraising event with a gourmet dining experience and high-end entertainment. A memorable menu and shows from musicians, comedians, and other live performers offer eventgoers a chance to dress up and attend a classy evening out while supporting the fundraiser.


several graze boxes arranged next to one another

Bring the Fundraiser Home with Graze Boxes 

Oftentimes, corporate fundraising events entail venue reservations, catering packages, entertainment, and other vendor bookings to accommodate the number of attendees. However, there are other options for reaching fundraising goals. Graze Boxes provide a convenient alternative to traditional in-person events by bundling the entertainment, novelty, and delicious food in an appetizing gift package to enjoy from home! 

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