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Creating a High Touch Environment - Handley Breaux Designs

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Creating a High Touch Environment - Handley Breaux Designs

Creating a High Touch Environment

We're so excited to launch an interview series featuring guests in our industry, where we are sharing the importance of all the different ways we create a 'high touch environment' for our clients. We strongly believe in the element of crafting an unforgettable experience in every business, every industry, every product or service offering. Finding ways to connect with your clients and providing them value throughout the entire process is HUGE. Monumental. It's what sets your business a part.

Over the next few weeks, Thomas will have the pleasure to sit or 'social distance' with some of our favorite and most talented leaders, business owners, creatives, and more in the event and hospitality industry. 

Our first guest is Handley McCrory, Owner and Founder of Handley Breaux Designs, a Premier Wedding Planning & Custom Event Design Studio based in Birmingham, AL. 

"When you're working in a high-end event industry, it's really important to create a really strong relationship with your client. I found that in our experience in working with people, either during our process or afterwards, one of the biggest takeaways that they give us is that we really create a strong bond with the client." - Handley McCrory

Along with Handley, Thomas shared a few of our top 5 tips to intentionally set the stage for creating a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience. 

1. Understand what makes your clients 'tick?'

2. Express you clients wants/needs in an open setting, from the start!

3. Create a very organic relationship with your client. 

4. Create an environment that allows for open-minded communication from all parties throughout the entire process.

5. Work hard, and work on, remembering people's names.  

"It's a proven fact that it's the sweetest sound to a person's ear is the sound of their own name." - Dale Carnegie, 'How to Win Friends & Influence People

Check out our full interview with Handley below! Learn more about Handley and her event studio by visiting Handley Breaux Designs and following HBD at @handleybreauxdesigns

Learn more about Handley!

Handley McCrory is a Mountain Brook, Alabama native who has always had dreams of one day owning her own event planning company. She attended the College of Charleston and the University of Alabama where she studied Interior Design and Event Planning. All through college Handley held jobs working within the wedding industry. It was when she was working with World Renowned Florist Sybil Sylvester that she truly fell in love with weddings and the design process. After college she returned to Birmingham to work as the Senior Event Coordinator for a wedding venue. After spending time planning any and all events at that venue, she was able to confidently carry out her dream of starting her own company. Thus, in 2014 Handley Breaux Designs was born. Handley strives to provide her clients with a full experience -- how the lighting, the architecture of the space, the florals and all of the details come together to create a mood that accurately reflects the client's personality. Not one to overlook any detail, Handley prides herself in meticulously carrying out every event with grace and ease. 

In her sparse spare time, Handley can be found enjoying time with family and friends or catching a workout class. A self proclaimed ‘foodie,’ she frequents all of Frank Stitt’s restaurants and gets a thrill from trying to recreate some of his dishes at home. Her passion for travel is represented in her creative design plans that she presents to clients. She truly finds inspiration everywhere!

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