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Five Ways To Make Baked Brie

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Five Ways To Make Baked Brie

Have you ever gone to a party or family gathering and enjoyed a great Baked Brie for an appetizer? Well now, with these five easy recipes, you can make some beautiful Baked Brie to enjoy with your family and friends! There are several fun ways to dress it up and enjoy your Brie with some crackers! Check these out!

#1 Caramel Pecan Baked Brie

Craving something sweet and nutty? A caramel pecan baked brie is the perfect solution. It combines the sweetness of caramel and the saltiness of the pecans for a perfect snack to put out! 

Check out this great recipe here.

Caramel Pecan Baked Brie Table and Thyme

#2 Cranberry, Pecan, and Pomegranate Baked Brie

With this brie, you can add another amazing flavor to the palette with the pomegranate! The pomegranate can add a sweet flavor with a hint of sour to your brie. 

Another great and easy recipe we discovered can be found here!

Cranberry, Pecan, and Pomegranate Baked Brie Table and Thyme

#3 Sun-dried Tomato Baked Brie

If you'd like to go with something a little more tart, than this brie is perfect for you! The sun-dried tomatoes bring an amazing sweet tart flavor to your brie. 

A recipe for this yummy brie from the 'Taste and Tell' blog is located here!

Sun-dried tomato baked brie Table and Thyme

#4 Strawberry and Blueberry Baked Brie

Berries are a great way to spice up your baked brie. You can create any combination of berries to put on top of your brie, strawberries and blueberries are a great choice. Fruit and cheese are always a good combination!

Check out this great recipe for inspiration here

Strawberry and Blueberry Brie Table and Thyme

#5 Pecan and Raspberry Baked Brie

Our last recipe is this yummy pecan and raspberry baked brie. Another great way for you to create baked brie for you and your friends. 

This recipe can be found here!

Pecan and Raspberry Baked Brie Table and Thyme

Baked Brie is a great option to create and share with your family, friends, and colleagues. These are great appetizers and snack ideas to have in your back pocket and impress your guests! Try out a few of these recipes and let us know which one is your favorite! Enjoy!

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