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A Glamorous Winter Holiday Gathering

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A Glamorous Winter Holiday Gathering

Witness the magic of the winter season.

See how first-rate holiday catering can turn a lively holiday party into a fashionable dinner experience, keep reading to learn more! 

The winter season is a time of joy and comfort for many. The chilly breeze gives us a reason to cozy up under the glow of the fireplace and enjoy the company of close friends and relatives. Celebrated by many, the tradition of gift-giving fills the final moments of the year with an air of gratitude and appreciation for the ones we hold dear. 

Table & Thyme specializes in elevating every experience with our extraordinary catering menus and displays, and this holiday event was no exception. We designed a sophisticated spread and dining experience for Richard and Daniel’s wedding, featured in our Happily Ever After at Aldridge Gardens blog post. Our excitement to create another unforgettable experience for this charming couple and their closest friends is evident in the excellence of the evening.

Take a look at this stunning holiday event, decorated with shimmering gold and champagne details and captured by Rhythm Creative!

Starting the festivities with some alluring appetizers. 

Many make for an unforgettable holiday party. And just like a party for any other season or occasion, mouthwatering appetizers are key ingredients for a noteworthy evening. This modern and chic holiday gathering featured several of Table & Thyme’s most beloved starters. 


Kitchen counter with several appetizer platters and Christmas tree decorations


Topped with smoked hickory bacon jam and a sprinkle of zesty garden chives, Creole Deviled Eggs are a crowd-favorite at every event. 


A platter of Creole Deviled Eggs on a bed of arugula next to a small sign that reads "Creole Deviled Eggs" positioned in front of small Christmas tree decorations; plate of meat in background

A platter of Creole Deviled Eggs on a bed of arugula up close


A platter of Creole Deviled Eggs on a bed of arugula


Also adding to the evening’s energetic buzz was a platter of mini-crab cakes topped with a spicy, creamy, housemade remoulade.


 Rectangular dish with mini crab cakes on a bed of arugula in foreground, small sign that reads "Mini Crab Cakes" and several Christmas tree decorations behind it


Rectangular dish with mini crab cakes on a bed of arugula

Rectangular dish with mini crab cakes on a bed of arugula 

Finally, a plate of fresh beef carpaccio completed this glowing holiday party's triad of tasteful appetizers. Tangy capers and shaved parmesan topped slices of tender, savory cured beef on a bed of fresh arugula. The dish served as quite the conversation starter when paired with our artisanal creamy roasted garlic aioli. 

Platter of beef carpaccio next to sign that reads "Beef Carpaccio" with platter of Creole Deviled Eggs in background

Platter of beef carpaccio

 Platter of beef carpaccio

 Platter of beef carpaccio


A hearty dinner to celebrate the harvest of the season.  

For the main entree of the evening, guests shared laughs and heartwarming holiday cheer over plates of gourmet cuisine. 

Juicy and tender cuts of prime rib, encrusted in the earthly flavors of rosemary and thyme, were served atop creamy garlic parmesan risotto. A medley of winter vegetables elevated this holiday dinner party's comforting ambiance, consisting of honey-roasted carrots and rosemary asparagus spears. 


 Slicing of prime rib on cutting board

 three plates of prime rib filets with roasted vegetables


A bit of dashing deliciousness on the side.

A simple spinach salad, made with a mixture of fresh baby spinach and arugula greens, featured flavorful garnishes including crispy fried shallots, slices of sweet honeycrisp apples, decadent candied pecans, crunch cornbread croutons, and made-from-scratch honey vinaigrette. 


Bowl of salad on decorated table

Table decorated with winter and Christmas items with place-settings and bowls of salad


Of course, we could not help but include a basket of our honey and thyme cornbread muffins, cherished by many of our clients and guests over the years. We served these darling Southern-inspired dinner muffins with fluffy whipped butter that married perfectly with the sweet and savory notes of the prime rib and roasted vegetable entree. 


Glass dish filled with mini corn bread muffins next to a small bowl of whipped butter

Glass dish filled with mini corn bread muffins next to a small bowl of whipped butter

 Glass dish filled with mini corn bread muffins next to a small bowl of whipped butter


The final touch to a heartwarming evening.

Much like appetizers, dessert plays a vital role in parties and gatherings, especially during the holiday season. Table & Thyme explored many possibilities and sweet treats to highlight this event's seasonal themes of abundant generosity and grace. Ultimately, we decided on a rich, velvety white chocolate bread pudding and the final element to this glistening holiday menu. 

With Table & Thyme, every occasion can become a special one. From breathtaking summer weddings to lighthearted birthday parties, from office luncheons to adorable baby showers, our graceful grazing tables and gourmet catering menus are designed to make your event unforgettable. 

Want to see more of our work? Browse our curated selection of events on our grazing table gallery, or visit our blog where we share event highlights, hosting guides, recipes, and more every week! 

For events with a shorter guest list, choose from a variety of graze boxes for a 5-star catering experience without the hassle. 

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