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Graze and Give Fundraising Event

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Graze and Give Fundraising Event

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Providing an elevated catering experience is what we do time and time again.

Being able to create a memorable atmosphere for any event is something that Table and Thyme has perfected. And being a local business, we’ve also gotten many opportunities to take part in community events to make a difference.

Not long ago, we were contacted by The Service Guild of Birmingham, a volunteer organization dedicated to generating funding to better the lives of children at risk for developmental delay in our community. When asked to cater their fall fundraiser event “Graze and Give” to raise money for The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs, we felt positive that we could help the cause. Established by The Service Guild in 1984, The Bell Center has provided children and families with early intervention services to maximize children’s potential when at risk for developmental delays with a holistic approach. We were excited and honored to be able to be a part of an effort to aid so many people in the community, so we had to reflect that in our services and provide the absolute highest quality care and cuisine!

graze and give mini-graze boxes

graze and give mini-graze box

The gift of giving was met with the gift of great food, thanks to our enticing mini-graze boxes!

In order to maximize community response for fundraising, we had to craft an irresistible offer. In this mini-graze box selection, we wanted to incorporate a variety of flavors and textures that tempted even the most stubborn, so we set to work designing the perfect graze boxes! In the end, we compiled some of our favorite charcuterie elements with a hint of elevated elegance. Pairing the aromatic and refined sensations of fresh fruit and tomatoes, tangy olives, cured meat, delicate cheeses, earthy assorted nuts, with the juxtaposition of crisp pita and crackers to creamy hummus, we found tastes to satisfy all. We also included some of our famous chocolate chip cookies to satiate the full range of flavors in this mini-graze box. Every box was also joined with a hand-picked bottle of wine to provide donors with a highly palatable dining experience. In total, we were able to create 100 of these amazing mini-graze boxes for this incredible fundraising event!

graze and give mini-graze box

graze and give mini-graze box

It was an honor to be able to work alongside the amazing people that established this important fundraising event. We strive to contribute to bettering the community around us as a local business and hope to continue this tradition in the future. A special thank you to The Service Guild of Birmingham, The Bell Center for Early Intervention, and to the donors that made this event both possible and a success! For more information about the events we cater and services we can provide to fit whatever needs you may have, check out our grazing table event gallery and our blog where we share event highlights and recipes we think you’ll love!

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