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Happily Ever After at Aldridge Gardens

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Happily Ever After at Aldridge Gardens


“Love is a many splendored thing, all you need is love!”

What better way to celebrate such an idyllic love than with a wedding?

For Daniel and Richard, their special day was filled with beautiful florals, delicious food, and great company. This is all anyone can really ask for when thinking about how to spend their big day, that and being with the person that means the most! We wanted to help this happy couple spend the day memorializing their relationship and in order to create an unforgettable experience that will stay with both them and their guests, we did what we do best! Table & Thyme specializes in elevating any catering experience by working closely with our clients to customize the best selection possible for any event. To represent the sweet, caring, and comforting love we saw between the newly weds, we made sure to create a catering spread to bring out these qualities at their wedding! Luckily, we had a delightful couple to work with at a gorgeous venue, so we couldn’t be happier with the results! Aldridge Gardens in Hoover features a variety of carefully and skillfully maintained landscapes, which set the stage for this blissful union surrounded by fresh greenery and illuminated by delicate and magical candle and fairy lights.



No wedding can be complete without appetizing food, which is where Table & Thyme comes in! If you haven’t seen our work before, stay tuned to see how we arrange delectable ingredients and curate exquisite dining experiences! 

Plentiful grazing that’s perfect for wedding guests

Crafting beautiful arrangements of flavorful foods is one of the ways Table & Thyme brings events to the next level of sophistication and elegance. Our grazing tables are fully customizable and offer a wide variety of pairings. For this wedding, we mixed and matched some of our favorite components to bring out the best combination of flavors. Some of these flavors include fresh fruits and vegetables, honey glazed brie and a selection of finely aged cheeses, artisan crackers, cured and savory meats, and a variety of delicious dips, as well.

wedding grazing table

wedding grazing table

fresh summer berries

fresh summer wedding grazing table

strawberry baked brie

fresh wedding grazing table

salami rose tablescape

wedding grazing table

Unforgettable hors d'oeuvres!

Aside from a selection of fresh foods to graze on while waiting for the ceremony to begin, a number of irresistible appetizers can make or break any event! We couldn’t resist incorporating our tempting tortellini antipasto skewers, crisp mini crab-cakes, and our savory salmon crostini to get these guests prepped for the main course.

antipasto skewers appetizer

tortillini antipasto skewers

tortellini antipasto skewers


fried appetizer

mini crab cakes

salmon crostini

salmon crostini


The main course is a direct reflection of the happy couple

There’s nothing more comforting than a familiar home-cooked meal, which is a wonderful parallel to the cozy love shared by the newlyweds. For this meal, we provided a number of options including scrumptiously glazed fried chicken legs with collard greens and freshly baked dinner rolls, savory beef short ribs served with roasted asparagus and creamy mashed potatoes, and mouth-watering smoked pork loin on a bed of shredded brussels sprouts. There was also the selection of tender strawberry basil chicken served with angel hair pasta and smoked gouda or smoked brisket, blue grits, and peas as well. For dessert, candied pecan and buttercream bites brought out the sweetness of the ceremony!

menu board for wedding catering

wedding main course tablescape

beef short ribs with mashed red potatoes and asparagus

pork loin and brussel sprouts wedding meal

strawberry chicken and angel hair pasta

pork loin and shredded brussel sprouts

fried chicken wedding meal

candied pecan and buttercream bites

A romantic cake to top off this gorgeous wedding! 

The wedding cake is a centerpiece to any wedding (besides the happy couple, of course), and is entirely unique! This couple went with a rustic, chic, and elegant design for their cake, which could not have turned out better thanks to the amazing work by Daughters Baking!

rustic elegant wedding cake

rustic elegant wedding cake 

We enjoyed being a part of this lovely couple’s special day and give special thanks to the other vendors that made this event possible. If you’re interested in seeing some of the other events we have catered, make sure to visit our blog where we share highlights of our events and our grazing table gallery! Otherwise, visit the vendor links below to see what other services they offer and stay tuned for more unforgettable experiences with Table & Thyme!


For more information on Table and Thyme, contact them today! Follow us on our social media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest to see the other amazing events, lavishing grazing tables and beautiful graze boxes we have created.