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Comfort Made Chic: How to Make a Biscuit Board

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Comfort Made Chic: How to Make a Biscuit Board

Want to be ahead of the latest food trends?

Try a fun and flavorful biscuit board with this expert guide! 

As an experienced catering company dedicated to creating elevated culinary experiences, we love each and every opportunity to share special moments of previous events and helpful tips to make your events more magical through food. 

This week, we are sharing highlights from one of our latest menu creations- an irresistible biscuit board.

Stick around to learn how to make it!

What is a biscuit board?

Before jumping in, what exactly is a biscuit board?

If you are as much of a foodie as we are here at Table & Thyme, you have probably seen an uptick in food boards on social media. Some of the most popular viral food trends in recent years include charcuterie boards, brunch boards, candy boards, and even butter boards.

Similar to these other boards, biscuit boards are a simple and super-sharable way to entertain guests while exploring a variety of flavors. 

Biscuit boards feature biscuits, of course, as well as a selection of spreads, toppings, and other pairings. The flavor combinations and possibilities are nearly endless!

Now that we’ve covered what biscuit boards are, let’s see one in action!



Biscuits in Birmingham

Table & Thyme has worked with a number of awe-inspiring event venues across the city of Birmingham and the state of Alabama. Recently, we had the honor of catering an event at the gorgeous Kress BHM venue, located in historic downtown Birmingham. 

This event included several handcrafted offerings to enhance the rustic elegance of the venue and the backdrop of the bustling city.

Take a look at this event’s phenomenal biscuit board!

A basket of warm, homemade biscuits paired with hot honey, raspberry jam, apricot preserves, and fig butter. 


basket of biscuits on table

basket of biscuits on table with jars of jam

Additionally, guests enjoyed marinated shrimp cocktails with housemade spicy cocktail sauce, pickled onion, tangy olives, and capers. We also served our popular Creole deviled eggs on a bed of fresh arugula. 


Shrimp cocktails with capers, pickled onion, and cocktail sauce in spoons

Shrimp cocktails with capers, pickled onion, and cocktail sauce in spoons

Deviled eggs with bacon jam and chives on arugula leaves


How to make a biscuit board

After seeing how mouthwatering biscuit boards can be, are you ready to make one for yourself?

Great! We are sharing every step to make your very own biscuit board, filled with refined flavors and inviting aromas.

Here is what you need to know:

The biscuits

The biscuits are literally the bread and butter of a biscuit board. 

The biscuits can be homemade or store-bought, but like many foods, the fresher they are, the better. 

You have so many options to choose from when deciding which type of biscuits to serve on your biscuit board. They can be cornbread biscuits, honey wheat biscuits, cheddar, or classic. They can be jumbo or bite-sized, drop biscuits, or firm and flaky. 

You can even mix things up by having an assortment of different biscuits! 


biscuits up close

The fixins 

Next up is to set out the fixins. 

How you choose to dress your biscuit board is ultimately up to you, but for a lot of folks, biscuits are traditionally served as a breakfast food. 

Whatever time of day you plan to enjoy your biscuit board, you can easily incorporate sweet and savory elements for a well-balanced palate.

For the sweet side of things, pick out a few of your favorite jams, jellies, and preserves. And don’t forget to grab a jar of local honey for drizzling! 

And for fans of the salty and savory, fry up some bacon, grab a ladle for serving creamy country gravy, and sprinkle fresh herbs in butter for a smooth and earthy biscuit spread. 


baskets of biscuits with assorted jams on table

drizzling honey on single biscuit

baskets of biscuits with assorted jams on table


Everything else

The best part about making your own biscuit board is you can make it however you’d like and serve it with whatever you want. 

Pair it with freshly brewed coffee or another cozy beverage, or add an artisanal touch with some pickled vegetables and fresh greens! 


baskets of biscuits with assorted jams on table


Make it special with Table & Thyme

As a trusted caterer for weddings, corporate events, special occasions, and more across Alabama for several years, we are always looking for fresh ideas to elevate our catering experiences

Now, we are expanding our catering options!

If you are interested in having an expertly crafted biscuit board at your next event, get in touch with Table & Thyme today! 

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