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How to Make the Ultimate Holiday Charcuterie Boards

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How to Make the Ultimate Holiday Charcuterie Boards

It’s finally the coziest time of year!

Celebrate it with the cutest and tastiest charcuterie boards of the season! 

There are countless reasons to enjoy this magical time of year. From the gifts to the time off, the season is characterized by good food, gracious company, and great memories! As the temperatures continue to drop, it’s necessary to find ways to keep your spirits up and your hearts warm on the way into winter. 

Whether you’re spending some time alone or entertaining loved ones, a holiday-themed charcuterie board may be the perfect way to enjoy the wonders of the season! Though we typically feature our culinary skills through our grazing tables, we are excited to share some helpful tips for making a cozy holiday charcuterie board this year!

The sweetest time of the year! 

Can you picture anything more perfect than snuggling up to the people closest to you watching timeless holiday movies in the light of a crackling fire while sipping on hot cocoa and snacking on sweet treats? It’s an indulgent way to get into the holiday spirit, but celebrating the good things in life is what the holiday season is about, anyway! 

Of course, the centerpiece to this charcuterie board is the creamy, chocolatey hot chocolate (lovingly served in holiday-themed mugs) which you can get the recipe for here

Aside from the perfect drink to warm your soul, here are a few treats to mix and match for the perfect holiday charcuterie board:


-Candycanes and peppermints

-Chocolate chips (milk chocolate, dark, butterscotch, and white chocolate)


-Bon bons


-Peppermint bark


-Table & Thyme’s Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies


Of course, you can put whatever your heart desires on your holiday board, but these sweet treats are guaranteed to get you in the cozy holiday mood! 


How to Make the Ultimate Holiday Charcutewreath

How to Make the Ultimate Holiday Charcutewreath

How to Make the Ultimate Holiday Charcutewreath


Looking for a savory alternative? No problem!

Not everybody can handle the sweetness overload of a treat-filled holiday board, so having some savory items may be a great alternative! Though it may seem like it’s “just a regular charcuterie board,” there are a few aspects that make these boards feel fun and festive! For starters, garnishes for charcuterie boards are incredibly aesthetically pleasing and add an unmatched level of elegance to your board. Sprigs of fresh rosemary or spruce are perfect for emphasizing the seasonal mood of your charcuterie board! Aside from that, you can arrange your board into a fun, holiday shape like a Christmas tree or a holiday wreath! For the food itself, you can never go wrong with a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, a handful of cured meats, a few aged cheeses, and some artisan crackers! For a heightened flavor experience, we recommend adding some citrus elements for a fun flavor pop! And finally, add some holiday pieces like fruit tarts or even some homemade Dutch Christmas Bread to celebrate the season! 

How to Make the Ultimate Holiday Charcutewreath

How to Make the Ultimate Holiday Charcutewreath

How to Make the Ultimate Holiday Charcutewreath

How to Make the Ultimate Holiday Charcutewreath


Whatever you decide to put on your holiday charcuterie board, enjoy everything the season has to offer! If you used this guide to create your own charcutewreath, be sure to let us know by sharing and tagging us on social media! 

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