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How to Organize Your Kitchen For Gathering

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How to Organize Your Kitchen For Gathering

Image by unsplash

Kitchens are a central part of every home.

They represent so much in the way of comfort because of how special they are, which means people tend to gather in their kitchens when coming for a visit!

There are a number of reasons that people tend to feel drawn to the kitchen as a gathering space, and a lot of it has to do with the role of kitchens in our daily lives. We prepare delicious meals in our kitchens every day to get us the nutrients and energy we need to live our lives to the fullest. This can make kitchens much more important to use than we may have considered, which means we need to be taking special care to keep it in working order so that we have an ease of access to everything we need without stress! Having a system of organization to keep things simple and familiar can really help in situations that may easily become overwhelming, like hosting a gathering in your home. Suddenly there’s too much stuff and no space to put anything and all eyes fall on you to make things work! By preparing a plan and organizing before time, you can enjoy stress-free kitchen space all the time! 

organized kitchen counter

Image by unsplash

How to optimize your kitchen space:

In continuing our series with The Home Organized, we are exploring different ways to keep you feeling secure in your kitchen through organization. Keeping things orderly doesn’t have to be such a chore when you know how and why you are doing it, which is where we come in! Working with the experts over at The Home Organized, we’re learning a thing or two about how to improve our kitchen organization, and we are really excited to share these tips with you, too! 

When it comes to the kitchen, it needs to be able to be adjusted for multiple purposes on a moment's notice. Every recipe calls for different needs, every meal, and every gathering, too. Having a reliable system that you can depend on is the best way to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed during these quick transitions in your home! When hosting an event, it may feel out of place to lay out food, silverware and utensils, and dishware in a compact area like kitchen counters or an island, but here are some tips we’ve learned to get around this hassle! 


In the video, we learned how easily dishware and other things can be easily stored for quick access without taking up too much space using some handy items. 



3 tier kitchen riser

Three-Tier Acrylic Riser

This transparent acrylic riser is perfect for displaying and storing whatever items you’d like without taking up too much space! This is perfect for organizing a lot of things in your kitchen, but especially when you need to have a lot of things out all at once. It also won’t clash with any decoration in your kitchen, and it’s also adjustable so it can fit in whatever space you’d like! If you’d like to store your items easily and effectively with this riser, you can order it here!  

adjustable pot lid and pan rack

Adjustable Pot Lid Holder

This adjustable rack is perfect for storing pot lids and pans, but it’s also really useful as a way to display and store dishware! Whether you’re setting up a buffet line for house guests or you’re storing special dishware for an event at a later date, this expandable rack is perfect to optimize the space in your kitchen! For more information, check it out on Amazon with the link here!



cabinet shelf

Cabinet Shelf

This cabinet shelf is designed to save you space in your kitchen by taking advantage of the vertical space in your cabinets rather than being forced to fill up with stacked dishes. What’s great about this shelf is that it’s incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of ways! Like you saw in the video, it can be used as a display for gatherings to save space when serving food and dishes rather than just being used in the cabinet. Like the others, this shelf is a transparent color that doesn’t clash with any interior design, making it perfect for everyone’s kitchen! If you’re interested in learning more, check it out here


food station table

Image by unsplash

Going with the flow of things 

Gatherings in smaller spaces can pose a pretty big problem. It’s easy to get discombobulated and confused until the stress of everything becomes outright hectic. Getting everything organized in the right way can help to streamline any gathering and keep you and your loved one enjoying themselves at all times. 

One way to do this in the kitchen is to place everything in the most efficient order that will guide people where they need to go rather than send them walking in circles in an already tight space. Having a dish station set up then serving locations for food can lead guests to another station for drinks near the exit of the area. Keeping an organized system in place for times like this can really help to keep you and everyone else from feeling overwhelmed, and that can help everyone to have a better relationship with their kitchen! 

Having an efficient system of organization can help you maintain that sense of security and ease in your life in the long-run and is really important to establish! Hopefully, these tips and items have helped inspire you to explore your own system of organization and if you’re looking for additional tips, stay tuned for more from our series with The Home Organized!

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