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How to Organize Your Spice Cabinet

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How to Organize Your Spice Cabinet

Image by unsplash

Keeping your home well organized can make your life much easier!

Sometimes, this is easier said than done. But There are tons of life-hacks to simplify and strategize your home organization, which includes your spice cabinet!

Everybody understands the stress of making a delicious homemade meal and suddenly you cannot find the one spice you need to make give it the extra kick you want. Or maybe you’ve found yourself halfway through a recipe and suddenly you don’t have the spices you need! Improvising isn’t something that recipes often call for, and it may not always result in an appetizing dish. How can you prevent these moments from happening? Organizing your spice cabinet! Keeping your collection of spices well organized can help to streamline the cooking process and keep you from feeling frazzled in the kitchen. But it isn’t as simple as just making sure all your spices are in one place, actually creating a system to keep things orderly is the best bet to reap the full benefits of your spice cabinet! This part of your kitchen is essential to daily function because it contains some of the most important components of your meals! Everybody’s collection looks different, too, and you can tell a lot about a person by what spices they have in their cabinet. 

Basic spices you need in your cabinet!

There are some spices that you really can’t lie without! These are in nearly every dish and are basic necessities that you may or may not realize you need in your home. It may be easy to guess that salt and pepper are by far the most basic and key ingredients to have in your kitchen, but what are some other spices that you may not even realize could be useful in your home? 


garlic powder

Image by mashed

Granulated Garlic or Garlic Powder

Who doesn’t love a delicious hint of fresh garlic now and then? These are two very different ways of preserving that garlicky-goodness to be utilized in your home’s cooking, so understanding what they are may be helpful in deciding which one you need in your spice cabinet.

Granulated garlic is peeled and minced garlic cloves that have been dried out using an oven and ground into smaller pieces. Essentially, it’s dehydrated ground garlic that you can sprinkle over your favorite dishes to add some delicious flavor! 

Garlic powder follows the same protocol but is ground into a very fine powder, making it easier to spread flavor over greater volumes. Because it is a much more fine powder, it carries a more mild flavor, which may be better for those that prefer a touch of garlic over a kick. 


chile lime seasoning

Image by Muy Delish

Chile Lime

This seasoning may not be the first that comes to mind when thinking about which spices are absolutely necessary for your home, but this spice will definitely rock your world! This combination of chili powders, other spices, and lime really come together to create a unique and versatile flavor that’s perfect when added to a number of dishes! We definitely recommend trying it out and seeing how you like it and possibly even adding it to your list of spice cabinet basics!

When talking about your spice collection, quality is a really important factor of those ingredients. Some people have a favorite brand of spices and ingredients that they swear by, such as McCormick or Simply Organic. It doesn’t matter if you get all of your spices from the same brand or not, though, since the most important thing is to find fresh and delicious brands to rely on when putting together the ingredients to all your meals! 

Organizing your spice cabinet

Now that we’ve talked about the spices in your cabinet, let’s go over some helpful tips when it comes to keeping it neat and organized so that your life can be a little bit easier! Everyone deserves to come home and relax without feeling overwhelmed by disorder, that’s why Table & Thyme is working with The Home Organized in a series to help you find ways to keep your home in order with less effort! This week, our sights are set on the spice cabinet. It can be easy to throw spices into your cabinet without care, but having an organized system is incredibly beneficial to keeping a stress-free environment in the kitchen. Check out some of the tips we’ve gathered to make organizing your spice cabinet a breeze! 

As you saw in our video, there are a ton of different items that you can utilize to make organizing your cabinet aesthetic and easy! If you’re interested in seeing more about the items mentioned in the video, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


rotating spice rack

Two-Tier Lazy Susan

If you’re looking for the perfect way to highlight your absolute favorite spices or keep them somewhere easily accessible for your cooking, a spice rack is the perfect option! This Two-tiered rack is made with transparent acrylic meaning it will go wonderfully with any interior design and it makes for a great aesthetic touch either out in the open on a kitchen counter or as a way to organize spices in the cabinet! It’s simplistic design lets you easily rotate your collection until you find the spice you need with no hassle! If you’re interested, you can order it here!


acrylic tiered riser

Three-Tier Acrylic Riser

For some people, being able to see all of their spices at once makes it much easier to use them. But this can often lead to clutter. With this three-tiered riser, there’s no need to worry about your cabinet becoming disorderly! It also features transparent acrylic that won’t clash with any decoration in your kitchen, but it’s also adjustable so it can fit in whatever space you’d like! If you’d like to store your items easily and effectively with this riser, you can order it here


spice drawer liner

Youcopia Drawer Spice Liner 

This may be a gadget you’ve never seen before, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful! This liner is perfect for keeping essential spices nearby and not hidden out of the way in a clustered cabinet while trying to cook. It allows for neat and simple organization of spices in a kitchen drawer that’s perfect for anyone looking to keep their spice collection neat and tidy. It keeps things accessible and easy to find, which is all anyone can really hope for! And, it’s fully adjustable to fit any size drawer or cabinet! If you’re interested in hearing more about this drawer liner, you can find out here

Other tips to keep your space organized:

Simply having these items isn’t going to make things be organized immediately. There are still a few steps you need to take before you can start using these things effectively in your kitchen if you want things to stay organized!

One of the first things you need to do to organize your spice cabinet is to declutter it. Take everything out so you can see it all at once and so that you have a clean and empty space to put them once you’re ready! 

Next, you should go through everything, make sure the ingredients are fresh and things that you actually have uses for. If you find ingredients you don’t necessarily need, discarding them helps prevent your spice cabinet from getting too crowded! Then, it can be helpful to categorize your spices in a system that works best for you, your home, and your lifestyle! 

Finally, labelling your spices and making sure you can always see what you’re reaching for is key to making everything you do in the kitchen easier! 

It can be frustrating to find yourself overwhelmed by a disorganized spice cabinet, but there are ways to make your kitchen feel less stressful! Having an efficient system of organization can help you maintain that sense of security and ease in your life in the long-run and is really important to establish! Hopefully, these tips and items have helped inspire you to explore your own system of organization and if you’re looking for additional tips, stay tuned for more from our series with The Home Organized!

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