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Is an Open Bar Worth the Cost?

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Is an Open Bar Worth the Cost?

Cheers to the happy couple! Debating alcohol at your wedding? It’s safe to say providing alcohol keeps the atmosphere relaxed and the energy high.

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Alcohol tends to retain your guests at your party or reception. Some people choose to not have alcohol at a party, because it can get expensive if not budgeted or planned properly. Having alcohol is 100% up to your discretion, but keep in mind guests do tend to leave earlier if it's a dry event. Say you are all in for the booze -- what kind of alcohol should you provide -- just beer and wine or do you include liquor at the bar?

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First determine your budget, then decide what kind of crowd you have (heavy versus light drinkers). An open bar can get expensive quickly with a heavy drinking crowd and especially if offering a variety of spirits.

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To cut down on cost but still provide a variety of alcohol, consider offering beer and wine along with a signature cocktail to appease most alcoholic preferences.

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