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Making Your Venue Perfect For You at Asthetik Bham

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Making Your Venue Perfect For You at Asthetik Bham

Finding the perfect space for your event can be a difficult journey. 

But at Asthetik Bham, the perfect venue is crafted for you!

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party for a beloved friend, a photoshoot to commemorate a significant event in your life, or a business lunch to announce a new promotion, scouting the right location can be a really difficult task. You can’t just go anywhere, it has to have the right look, the right feel, and the right personality to compliment whatever needs you may have. Asthetik Bham is a unique venue situated in the quaint loft district of the Magic City that provides clients with 1,700 sq ft of space to customize your event needs! There are endless possibilities of how this space can be utilized, and we wanted to share some of our favorite ideas! 

Blushing Bridal Tablescape

Incorporating the perfect balance of elegance and fun into a wedding reception is no easy task. With the help of Shoppe Bham, this gorgeous tablescape pairs dusty rose, champagne pink, and glimmering gold offset by sage and ivy green foliage. The use of texture and color in this arrangement brings out the delicacy of a wedding and the bridal party without sacrificing the fun-loving spirit of the event! 


Asthetik tablescape

blush bridal floral arrangement

blush bridal floral arrangement

blush bridal dinnerware

blush bridal tablescape

blush bridal style and floral arrangement

blush bridal style and tablescape


Abundant Arrangements 

Having the right food can make or break any event. That’s why Table & Thyme takes special care to create the perfect dining experience by making every event unique. We paired some of our signature items like Table & Thyme’s famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, tortellini antipasto skewers, and creole eggs with a variety of grazing options. This arrangement features sweet and tangy fruits like grapefruit, oranges, and fresh berries, alongside rich and creamy cheeses and nuts like cashews and pecans. The perfect selection of aged and cured meats and cheeses is a staple for a spread as delicious as this one, and we paired it with some of our favorite artisan crackers. We specialize in creating unforgettable experiences, and Asthetik gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase our skills!


lavish grazing table

lavish grazing table

lavish grazing table

antipasto skewers

creole eggs

baked brie

table and thyme grazing table


Rustic Romantic Hangout

Styling a gorgeous photoshoot isn’t in everybody’s repertoire of skills, but with the help of Asthetik and the delicate floral arrangements and drapery by Lily and Rose Flowers, setting the stage for an impressive shoot is easily guaranteed! This set up brings the magic of an enchanted forest, met with simple decadence, right to the comfort of a rustic lifestyle. The creamy tones, cozy brick walls, and fresh vines complement the subtle candles and graceful lighting. This set-up is perfect for shooting that perfect angle! 


rustic romantic background

rustic romantic floral arrangement

lavish grazing table

rustic romantic drapery

blush bride rustic romantic theme

blush bride rustic romantic theme


It’s the little things in life…

When trying to create the best ambiance for your event, the effort you put into getting the smallest details perfect may be what sets your event apart from the typical drab at others. These details are what curate the best atmosphere climate for any occasion. With the help of talented vendors, Asthetik can be easily transformed to meet a number of needs and for any event with any personality! Whether you’re looking for a bright and spunky way to celebrate an exciting announcement, an easy-going and dainty get together, or a way to thank guests for spending time with you, there are plenty of ways to perfect even the smallest details of your event!


rainbow balloon backdrop

blush florals and candles

champagne and blush glasses and candles

thank you bags


These are just a few different ways that the event space at Asthetik can be utilized, and we wanted to share some of our favorite moments! Whatever event you are looking to host, finding inspiration can be difficult, but Table & Thyme’s got you covered! We specialized in providing elevated experiences and work with a number of talented local vendors to provide you with everything you may need for your memorable moments. If you’re interested in seeing some of the other events we’ve worked on, check out our blog where we share event highlights or our grazing table gallery! Be sure to check out the links to the other vendors that made these instagram-worthy moments possible!


For more information on Table and Thyme, contact them today! Follow us on our social media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest to see the other amazing events, lavishing grazing tables and beautiful graze boxes we have created.