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Number and Letter Graze Boxes

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Number and Letter Graze Boxes

New year, new you, new product! Few things can top a graze box, but how about one that is tailored specifically to you? As seen on Talk of Alabama, we are proud to present our new Number and Letter Graze Boxes. Did you hear? Numbers are the new cake! 

Whether it's your 5th birthday, 50th birthday or 30th wedding anniversary, these Number and Letter Graze Boxes from Table and Thyme are guaranteed to make it a special occasion. These customizable boxes incorporate all of the same charcuterie goodness of the typical graze boxes: meat, cheeses and sweets.

Number and Letter Graze Boxes

Whether you want one number, four numbers or someone's name, we are happy to create a Number and Letter Graze Box unique to you. With Valentine's Day coming up, celebrate years together with your loved one with a special charcuterie number graze box. 

Number and Letter Graze Boxes 62

To order yours today, click here, then choose your quantity and follow the instructions for personalization. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Number and Letter Graze Boxes

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