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Our Top 10 Favorite Food Bloggers

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Our Top 10 Favorite Food Bloggers

Our Top 10 Favorite Food Bloggers 

Food bloggers provide awesome content consisting of recipes, recommendations, lifestyle, and more. There are many amazing food bloggers out there, but there are some that stand out from the rest with their unique and engaging feeds. Read on to learn more about our top 10 favorite food bloggers.

1. Marjorie @apinchofhealthy 

We’re starting off with a local Birmingham, Alabama food blogger. Her name is Marjorie and she specializes in providing healthy-ish recipes. Marjorie also ties in lifestyle content so that you can get to know her along the way. It was hard to choose, but our favorite recent recipe of hers has got to be the cajun shrimp and grits!

Food Blogger

2. Gabriella Lenzi Littleton (@gabbiechicago)

For the next on our list, we’re heading north to the windy city. Gabriella Littleton is a food blogger that specializes in recipes and sharing local food recommendations. If you’re traveling to Chicago soon, be sure to check her out!

Food Blogger

3. Lindsey Baruch (@lindseyeats)

Next, we’re heading out west to beautiful Los Angeles, California. It’s recognized as a hub for major stars and influencers and Lindsey Baruch (@lindseyeatsla) is no exception, to us at least. She specializes in recipe video tutorials and her skill truly shines through! Not to mention that her Instagram feed is to die for with all of the beautiful, bright colors.

Foo Blogger

4. Christine (@normallifemom)

Mom’s and families everywhere will love our next pick. Christine, A.K.A. (@normallifemom), prides herself on making easy family-friendly recipes and talking about all things mom life. Her recipes are particularly unique because they are gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free, so if you’re unable to divulge in the usual yumminess on your feed, Christine has got you covered!

Food Blogger

5. Joseph (@the_roamingfoodie)

Next on the list is Joseph (@the_roamingfoodie). He describes himself as a food explorer and we would have to agree. Joseph reviews delicious foods at various restaurants around New England. Seriously, the food he reviews makes us want to jump through the screen and grab a bite! We also love his highlight covers that break up the areas he has reviewed food in (see below).

Food Blogger

6. Amber Wilson (@fortheloveofthesouth)

It’s Mardi Gras season, and if you’re a fan of the holiday, you’re probably thinking of some warm @cafedumonde beignets in New Orleans right about now. We don’t blame you, which is why we love our next blogger on the list so much. Amber Wilson (@fortheloveofthesouth) is a Nola-based “professional eater” and consistently posts her southern-inspired recipes and commentary on popular Nola foodie spots.

Food Blogger

7. Ashley (@bakerbynature)

If you like to entertain guests and love mouth-watering recipes, you’ll love Ashley (@bakerbynature). Ashley creates amazing recipes, shares her pro tips, and gives guidance on how to entertain guests for the holidays. Her page mainly consists of sweets, so all of you with sweet-tooths should check her out!

Food Blogger

8. Rebecca Lilly (@xxrlilly)

Dallas, Texas is home to recipe developer, financial analyst, and crunchy mama Rebecca Lilly (@xxrlilly). Rebecca creates healthy recipes that still pack a flavorful punch.  She is focused on wellness and living a balanced life. If you’re looking for healthy meal inspiration and mom content, be sure to pay her page a visit. 

Food Blogger

9. Des and Kadee (@ohsodelicioso)

Our next Instagram blogger, or should we say bloggers, are best friends Des and Kadee (@ohsodelicioso), located in SoCal and Idaho. Des and Kadee have been featured in Oprah Magazine, the Food Network, and Domino. They post how-to videos for diverse recipes and funny, light-hearted, reels about the business + life. They’re truly a refreshing duo that will liven up your feed!

Food Blogger

10. Shaunda Necole (@shaundanecole)

If you’re looking for warmth and flavor, Shaunda Necole (@shaundanecole)  is your girl! She’s currently living the dream in Las Vegas, and her recipes and lifestyle content make us feel like we won the lottery!  She is the perfect balance of everything (food, fun, life hacks). Be sure to check out her main page, as well as her page dedicated to food. (@soulfoodpot).

Food Blogger

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 favorite food bloggers list. If there is a food blogger you love that we should be following, be sure to connect with us on social media to let us know! We’re always looking to show support.

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