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An Elegant Lakeside Wedding Reception, Buffet-Style

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An Elegant Lakeside Wedding Reception, Buffet-Style

How do you make a wedding buffet look elegant?

With expert caterers and a stylish menu. Take a look! 

Any vision can come to life with the right team of creatives by your side. And with Table & Thyme as your event caterer, your event will be even better than you imagined. 

We recently helped Jamie and Jaewon celebrate the wedding day of their dreams. They wanted a day filled with Southern charm and an air of elegance, which inspired the wedding buffet menu we crafted for their special day. 

Of course, having a gorgeous venue like The Barn at Smith Lake as a backdrop for such an event only enhances the beauty of the evening. That being said, let’s take a look at some dazzling shots of this tasteful wedding buffet, captured by Rhythm Creative and catered by the dedicated staff at Table & Thyme. 

Refined Appetizers

We began this elevated buffet experience with a round of passed appetizers to energize the cocktail hour before the reception. 

During this time, guests were served two savory dishes, both handcrafted and chosen as exquisite accessories to the buffet menu items. 

BLT crostini filled one of the appetizer trays, made with crispy baked French bread slices and topped with layers of earthy herb spread, marinated tomato, and crunchy bacon. 

The other tray held soft, buttery baked crab cakes, mini-sized and garnished with spicy rémoulade sauce and a sprinkle of fresh garden chives. 

BLT crostini on platter on bottom left, someone adjusts a different platter of mini crab cakes, plate of deviled eggs in background

mini crab cakes in foreground with two platters of deviled eggs in background

person holding platter of BLT crostini

person holding platter of mini crab cakes


An Elevated Buffet Spread: Part I 

Buffets are the perfect choice when you want to accommodate a number of guests with different flavor preferences. And when it’s done the right way by a team of skilled designers and professionals, a buffet-style wedding reception can be a fashionable affair. 

We included a number of dishes for this event, distinctive enough to bring variety to the table, yet still inspired by the comfort of Southern cooking. 

Platters of one of Table & Thyme’s most popular menu items, Creole deviled eggs, enticed guests with their unique flavor palette of creamy, spiced filling and a sweet and savory medley of bacon jam. Grilled asparagus paired splendidly with seasoned red peppers, which also added a colorful element to their plates. 


several creole deviled eggs up close on bed of arugula greens

platter of creole deviled eggs on a bed of chopped salad greens on a white table top

curved plate of grilled asparagus and red peppers


An Elevated Buffet Spread: Part II 

The rest of this wedding reception menu included a warm and cozy seasonal casserole, butternut squash au gratin, and grilled shrimp skewers served with spicy cowboy butter sauce. 

For the main protein, this event featured tender, hearty beef, carved table-side, and served with creamy homemade horseradish sauce, fresh arugula, fried onion straws, and warm petite rolls. 

plate of shrimp skewers stacked on top of one another

casserole dish with butternut squash au gratin next to a butter knife

bowl of horseradish sauce next to spool with a platter of rolls in the background

bowl of fried onion straws up close

hands carving slab of beef on a cutting board


Table & Thyme has been elevating events with our graceful grazing tables and memorable menus since 2019. In fact, we just celebrated our 3rd birthday, and we could not be more excited about the events to come. 

We share our favorite moments from previous events on our blog, so if you are looking for style inspiration for an upcoming event, check it out

Table & Thyme also shares tips and tricks for hosting every event with style, and even exciting recipes every week. 

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