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Spring Baby Shower with The Southern Source

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Spring Baby Shower with The Southern Source


Celebrate the newest addition to your family this spring with delicious and fresh food! 

Our delectable and aesthetic Letter and Number Graze Boxes make hosting a baby shower easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! 

numbers and letters graze boxes

We are so excited to share how well this event turned out because welcoming little ones into the world is always a blast! We recently worked with Meredith, a lifestyle blogger that shares her recommendations, tips, and more, over at The Southern Source, to create the perfect lemon-themed baby shower! Since it was all about celebrating darling little Emma, the newest addition to the Tolleson clan, creating a delicious spread of grazing snacks with our signature Letter and Number Graze box was the ideal choice. These are fully customizable ways to personalize any kind of experience and are a great way to bridge unique fun and elegance to your events! For more information about these awesome spreads, check out this blog post and watch the video below! You can also order them here!


We thought this springtime baby shower should be filled with nature’s bounty!

Fresh and flavorful food is the best way to celebrate any event, but especially a gathering of close friends and family to celebrate the oncoming of a new member of the family! For Meredith and Emma, we combined some of our favorite foods with this fun and engaging design and paired them with bright background elements to bring out that springtime garden-fresh atmosphere. This included fresh fruits and vegetables like grapes, strawberries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, and green olives, too. Alongside these fresh foods, we prepared a selection of aged and cured meats and cheeses, as well as artisan crackers and our famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, all laid on a delicate backdrop of moss and greenery for that fresh and earthy springtime feel. 


baby shower graze box

baby shower graze box

Baby showers are a sweet treat to share with loved ones. 

Along with the bright and colorful grazing spread, Table & Thyme curated the perfect selection of desserts to add the perfect amount of sweetness to this event! A variety of lemon-themed desserts works wonderfully to tie everything together and give these guests an unforgettable experience with a sweet, tangy, and fresh atmosphere to share! Lemon and berry bars, granola bites, fruity puff pastries, and cupcakes give plenty of variety and flavor to compliment this delicious spread. Not to mention irresistible honey and lemon cocktails to take this baby shower to a whole new level of fun!


berry dessert bars

lemon granola bites

lemon bar bites

fruity puff pastries

lemon cupcakes

honey lemon cocktails

baby shower grazing table


We had a blast creating this beautiful catering experience to celebrate Meredith and Emma and we are so happy to share it with you! For more information about our Number and Letter Graze boxes, don’t forget to check out our blog post and visit the link here to learn more! Also, visit Meredith’s lifestyle blog over at The Southern Source to get great food, lifestyle, and design tips (especially for the Birmingham locals!). 


letter graze boxes


For more information on Table and Thyme, contact them today! Follow us on our social media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest to see the other amazing events, lavishing grazing tables and beautiful graze boxes we have created.