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Throwing a Neighborhood Block Party? Don’t Fret.

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Throwing a Neighborhood Block Party? Don’t Fret.

One thing we love about catering is meeting so many different people in the community. Hospitality means bringing people together and often times sharing your home with them.

Spinach dip and crostini’s

The holiday season usually brings out so many gatherings and parties, and we were excited to be apart of many! On the blog today, we are highlighting a holiday neighborhood gathering hosted by a wonderful family in Mountain Brook, Alabama. Not only was their house amazing and perfect for hosting, they were so generous And extremely welcoming. We even joked “Can we be your neighbor?!”

Grazing board spread

On the menu included a beautiful grazing table with some of our favorite staples. This lavish spread was the center focal point on their marble kitchen island. A festive center piece really brought it all together!

Private house party, grazing table

The family’s guests enjoyed baked brie with pecan and honey spread, seared steak with chimichurri sauce, charcuterie, cheese spread, fruits, crackers, pimento cheese dip, cookies, chocolates, and more. We are certain this neighborhood block party hit it out of the park!

Baked Brie, grazing table

Chimichurri seared steak

Grazing table

Cheese grazing table

Private party grazing table