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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding’s Signature Cocktail

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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding’s Signature Cocktail


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Everyday it seems there’s another thing you need to plan for your wedding, but don’t let it overwhelm you!

Finding a signature cocktail for your wedding can be a fun and experimental experience and results in a flavorful celebration of love!

Weddings are by and large an event to commemorate the love between lovers, which means every tiny detail is a testament to that love! Even the types of flowers carry a lot of meaning! For example, you might incorporate baby’s breath to signify an innocence and sense of festivities into your wedding, or maybe chrysanthemums to represent the joy in your relationship. Colors, sounds, foods, all of these things play an integral role in your wedding and are all intertwined in representing your relationship as a whole. One of the most fun and experimental ways of expressing the characteristics of the happy couple is to create a signature cocktail to serve guests at their wedding! Everyone enjoys a delicious pick-me-up, and especially when that drink symbolizes the celebration of their loved ones. This option is relatively cheaper than an open bar, and they can be directly tied to your relationship! But how does anyone choose a signature mocktail? It’s likely not an easy choice, there are a ton of things to consider in picking the perfect drink for your wedding. The place you met, your favorite tastes, colors, and more. It can all be pretty overwhelming to consider for a simple drink, but that doesn't mean you will be completely lost in making that decision! We’ve compiled a few important things to keep in mind when deciding on your signature cocktail so that it fits you and your wedding perfectly! 


Cocktail varieties

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The Look

Part of choosing your signature cocktail is to find the perfect look for your wedding. What colors are in your wedding theme? What style of drink reflects your relationship best? What kind of glass does the drink come in? (Yes, this makes a huge difference!) Maybe a classic wine glass is the perfect, down-to-earth choice or you, or maybe champagne flutes are the way to go for a high-end evening of dancing under candle light. Find a drink that suits your history, tastes, and fits the theme of the wedding perfectly (don’t worry, the perfect drink is out there!) You don’t want to spend months planning a sophisticated wedding set in a tranquil forest and covered in foliage and florals only to throw off the entire theme by having margaritas, or maybe you do, the choice is yours! 


cocktail varieties

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The Taste

Of course, this goes without saying, but you really want your signature cocktails to taste good. You want yourself and your guests to enjoy your drinks because it ties together the ceremony and reception and sets the tone for the evening. Are you looking for a sour or refined taste or do you find sweet and fruity drinks more reflective of your desired atmosphere? You should also consider how much alcohol (if any) is in each drink. You’ll likely want guests to have more than one, but you don’t want to have to babysit everyone that was invited either. It’s your special day and you deserve to enjoy it! Having alcohol can help to take the edge off for everyone and foster more connections, but too much can make your wedding very hectic or rowdy. Find the perfect balance for what will suit your wedding best! 


Rosé toast

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The Story

Every signature cocktail should have a story. Why did you pick it, what does it mean to you as a couple? This story is one of the most significant steps in choosing a drink because it leads you down the perfect path! Things to consider when starting your search for the best signature cocktail for your wedding include things like:

  • Where did you meet?
  • Where are you both from?
  • What year did you meet?
  • What season is the most memorable in your relationship and why?
  • What are your current favorite drinks?

These questions act as starting points on your journey. You can begin to find drinks based on your answers to these questions that you may have never considered before! For example, say you met your spouse in California, you can find West Coast-inspired cocktail recipes and go from there. These are really important things to consider when choosing your signature cocktail because it not only helps you narrow down your choices, but you’ll also have a nice and touching story to accompany your choice of drink that your guests are sure to adore!

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Make your wedding about you!

Remember, your wedding is to celebrate you and the love that is shared between partners in life. Keeping that in mind during your wedding planning will help to keep your head on straight despite all the craziness and it will keep your objective clear! Choosing a signature cocktail can be a fun experience for a couple, so play around and enjoy the process! We hope these tips are helpful and if you’ve found a unique and interesting cocktail for your wedding, be sure to let us know! 

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