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Tips for Staying Organized in 2022!

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Tips for Staying Organized in 2022!

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The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start implementing a new and improved routine. 

Here are 5 easy ways to get your life organized in the new year! 

Everyone has New Year’s Resolutions they are hoping to accomplish with the onset of 2022, but achieving those goals is a lot easier said than done. If your goals for the new year include increasing your productivity and organizing your life so that it is optimized for you, then this is the article for you! In this blog, we will be exploring 5 ways to organize specific areas in your life, so that you can make the most out of 2022! 

What Can Organization Do for You?

Table & Thyme has been managing, designing, and creating one of a kind experiences for people and their special events for several years now. Our experience in the food catering business is a balancing act that requires a lot of flexibility and organization to achieve the goals we have set out for ourselves. Over the years, we’ve learned that to be successful is to be productive, and to be productive is to be organized! Organization is about much more than making sure to prevent double-scheduling or color-coding the filing cabinet. It includes dividing workload so that it is easily manageable and able to be completed as efficiently as possible, disseminating duties and responsibilities of team members working on a large project, and even optimizing the physical space you work in! If you are interested in creating a productive routine to achieve all of the goals you aspire to achieve in the new year, explore our 5 suggestions on how to streamline and organize any facet of your life!


Tips for Staying Organized in 2022!

Image by Alexa Williams 

Plan and Prioritize Everything!

When it comes to being prepared, planning is everything! Never underestimate the power of planning, especially when it comes to making life more organized. Finding the right kind of planner can make this process not only fun, but a strong motivator to keep you on a productive path after the excitement of a new year has worn off. There are so many different types of planners available, each with their own unique benefits and quirks. If you are a creative thinker and wish to engage your cognitive abilities wherever possible, a bullet journal may be the perfect fit for you! Or, if you thrive on standards and guidelines, a basic daily, weekly, or monthly planner may be your best bet! Planners can be fully customized to fit your needs and optimize your schedule and there is a perfect planner out there for everyone! If you’re interested in learning more about how the right planner can help make your life more manageable, check out this article about choosing the best planner for your life! 

Since planners can be utilized to maximize your scheduling needs and lifestyle, they make managing time and energy significantly easier! Whether you need to outline future work projects, collaborations, or events, or you are looking to prioritize your own mental health needs and self-care this year, having a planner can make sure every moment of your time is spent how you want! This also goes for long-term planning as well. So often we think of something we need to do and think to ourselves, “I’ll do it later,” and oftentimes we end up forgetting about it. With a planner, you can decide when that thing will end up on your to-do list and , if you do happen to forget about it, a quick glance at your schedule will put you right back on track for achieving your goals! 


Tips for Staying Organized in 2022!

Image by Fiona Smallwood

Declutter Your Surroundings

Did you know the state of your environment can play a major part in your mental health, wellbeing, and even your productivity? If your workspace is filled with unfiled paperwork stacks, random items and objects that don’t serve any particular purpose, other than taking up space of course, and a lot of responsibilities beginning to pile up, it’s almost guaranteed that most people would feel overwhelmed in their position. On the other hand, having a clean and organized space helps to keep the mind clear, energy and spirits high, and productivity a main focus throughout the day! This principle isn’t just for the workplace though, it can actually be applied to personal spaces like your home as well! A few months ago, Table & Thyme paired up with The Home Organized for a special series about kitchen organization tips for a functional and comfortable home! The tips and information we shared in those blogs is perfect for anyone looking to make changes in their lives and in their homes for a better, more organized year! 


Tips for Staying Organized in 2022!

Organizing Your Pantry

The pantry is the cornerstone of every kitsch, aside from the refrigerator, anyway. Many families store a variety of food items in their pantries, each one’s contents unique to the family that occupies that home. Do you find your family throwing out food that was forgotten about or never made? Or do you have a difficult time keeping track of the food that lines your pantry shelves without expiring? Maybe it’s time to take a look at your pantry and explore some new organization methods! Feel free to check out our article about How to Organize Your Pantry here


Tips for Staying Organized in 2022!

Organizing Your Kitchen

The past few years have been difficult for most people across the globe. It has been a time filled with confusion, loss, change, and isolation as well. Although the world is still facing the same difficulties, there are new opportunities for life to begin to resemble what it used to be for a lot of people, which means you may be looking forward to the chance to host gatherings and get togethers again in your home! If that is the case, do you know if your kitchen is optimized for gathering? If you aren’t sure, or you’re looking for some new organization ideas and inspiration, be sure to give our How to Organize Your Kitchen for Gathering blog a read!  


Tips for Staying Organized in 2022!

Organizing Your Spice Cabinet

A lot of people don’t realize how much of their time is spent dedicated to food preparation. While most people cannot totally eliminate this from their schedule, there are a lot of ways to streamline your time in the kitchen! One of those ways is to maintain an organized kitchen, and specifically, a spice cabinet. Knowing exactly what spices you have and where all of them are can help to minimize time gathering ingredients. There are numerous ways you can organize your spice cabinet, so be sure to read our How to Organize Your Spice Cabinet blog to learn more! 

Tips for Staying Organized in 2022!

Organize Unforgettable Events with the Help of Table & Thyme

There are so many ways to organize your life in the new year, but what about taking some of the pressure off of yourself when it comes to organizing events? At Table & Thyme, we are dedicated to creating unique and unforgettable experiences with every event we cater, which means you don’t have to lift more than a finger to host an awesome event! (You would have to contact us, either by phone or through our online contact page, so you will have to use your fingers a little…) 

This year, we are so excited to see what events we have in store for us. If you’re planning a wedding, a business retreat, a corporate luncheon, a babyshower, a birthday party, a graduation party, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or any other kind of event you can think of, Table & Thyme is ready to make your vision come true! Make your life easier this year by letting us create gourmet dining experiences for your events in 2022 with our one-of-a-kind grazing tables, fun and delicious grazing boxes, and any of our quality culinary services! If you'd like to see more of what we have to offer, feel free to browse our grazing table gallery or read through some of our blogs where we post highlights of recent events!  


Tips for Staying Organized in 2022!

Tips for Staying Organized in 2022!

Tips for Staying Organized in 2022!

Tips for Staying Organized in 2022!



We hope you enjoyed our tips for staying organized in the new year. If you picked up any of these habits or practices, we would love to hear about how it changed your life! Share your experiences with us on social media and don’t forget to stay in touch with us for future advice! We wish you a productive and happy year in 2022, whatever that may mean for you! 

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