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Top Trends for a 2021 Catered Wedding

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Top Trends for a 2021 Catered Wedding

Something we look forward to most this upcoming year is celebrating our newlyweds! Whether it’s a reschedule, late celebration or planned as usual, we can’t wait to celebrate the couples in style! To make sure everything is perfect for the big day, the latest and greatest food is essential. By following some of these top food trends for 2021, you’re sure to have the catered wedding of your dreams!

Handheld Hors D’oeuvre's

As much as we hope to leave COVID in 2020, we can still take our precautions in style. Handheld hors d'oeuvre's like charcuterie cones, BBQ martinis or chocolate dessert in plastic glasses make for an elegant, COVID safe alternative. Also, you can just pick one up and keep dancing!


dessert cups

charcuterie cones

Color, Color and More Color

Color will serve as a highlight for the new year! We love nothing more than good brie; try covering a brie in a fruit medley jam or preserve. Incorporating mini fruit tarts with fresh cut fruit on top is sure to wow your guests with its simple beauty. We just adore our mini Key Lime Pies with a raspberry glaze. This bright energy and color in the new year is sure to be a hit for your wedding.


brie with fruit medley      

Key Lime Pies with Raspberry glaze

Family Style

We sure do miss gathering with all of our loved ones. Whether you are gathering small, or including distant friends and family, try slowing things down to sit for a meal. After the year we've had, take the time to enjoy a meal together, spreading comfort and soaking up quality time. One thing is for sure, 2020 taught us what matters most. Slow down, enjoy your meal and grow in companionship.

 family style

Dessert Grazing Boards

A crowd favorite; who doesn't love dessert? A plethora of different dessert options beautifully arranged over a grazing board will grab the attention of all guests. Simple favorites like doughnuts, cookies or chocolates make for a luxurious display. Every guest is sure to find something they love to keep them energized throughout the evening.


We can't wait to celebrate our newlyweds this 2021 with delicious, catered meals!

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