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Unforgettable Summer Open House Grazing Table

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Unforgettable Summer Open House Grazing Table

Home is where the heart is...

And the closest way to anyone’s heart is with some delicious food!

Having a delicious spread of special appetizers and snacks is probably the best way to create a comforting atmosphere while having guests browse their potential new home. At Table & Thyme, we love bringing high-end culinary experiences to every event we work with, no matter the size or theme! That’s why when we partnered with Ellen Ortis Realty for an open house event, we made sure to pull out all the stops! 

While finding a home for many people is a stressful experience, there’s a lot of magic involved in the search for a forever home. Touring homes can be fun and also exhausting, it really depends on the support level that great realtors can provide. We knew how much care Ellen Ortis puts into her work, which is why we made a special menu of appetizers for her event! We combined so many flavors in an assortment of crostini bites as well as some other snacks so that guests had a full palette of flavor to enjoy while exploring the home! They turned out beautiful, which is why we are so excited to share some of our favorite shots of the event table!

Heirloom BLT Crostini

One of the four unique crositi options we prepared was the heirloom BLT crostini. Complete with an earthy herbal spread, a choice slice of heirloom tomato, crispy bacon, and chiffonade basil, these toasted bites are a perfect savory summer snack!

hierloom BLT crostini

Smoked Salmon Crostini

Next up on the list of one-of-a-kind crostini for this event is a familiar favorite: our smoked salmon crostini. This dish is comprised of a smooth spread of herb-infused cream cheese, a hearty serving of smoked salmon, and dressed with fresh dill and capers for a simple yet elegant flavor. 


smoked salmon crostini

Peach and Prosciutto Crostini

This particular crostini features some of the flavors of the other options combined all in a single bite. The toasted bread is topped with soft ricotta cheese, sweet grilled peaches, and wrapped with cured prosciutto, all garnished with chiffonade basil. 

peach and prosciutto crostini

Peaches and Honey Crostini

To satiate those that prefer to snack on the sweet side, we created a mouthwatering option for this crostini assortment. On top of a bed of soft and sweet ricotta cheese, we placed an expertly grilled peach and drizzled with delicious local honey. Topped with a sprinkle of fresh parsley, this crostini was a hit!

peaches and honey crostini

An array of flavors to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Alongside the variety of flavors provided by the assortment of crostini, we served many other appetizers such as a dip platter comprised of hummus and pimento cheese, complete with toasted pita and artisan crackers, as well as our Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies to round out the plethora of snack options. 

assorted crostini table

table and thyme chocolate chip cookies


It was a pleasure to help people feel more welcomed and comfortable while exploring what could be their new home with Ellen Ortis Realty. To see the other events we’ve worked with, be sure to check out our grazing table gallery or keep up with our weekly blog where we share our favorite snapshots of recent events!

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