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Valentines Day Grazing Board Ideas

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Valentines Day Grazing Board Ideas

Celebrate 2023 with love (and something delicious!)

Check out these awesome Grazing Board Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Are you looking for ways to make Valentine’s Day 2023 one to remember? Celebrate your favorite person or the gal pals you can always count on with a Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) grazing board! 

Find the perfect wine pairings, fruity cocktails, and decadent desserts to serve alongside your Valentine’s graze board, and spend the evening tasting the sweet life! 

Keep reading to learn how to make a grazing board with professional tips from experienced caterers at Table & Thyme. 

Crafting a Valentine’s Grazing Board

Before you can create a masterful snacking spread, it’s helpful to understand what makes graze boards so great. 

There are a few major elements that make for an exceptional graze board. These elements are distinctive and work together to magnify the sophisticated elegance of your graze board. Give each area a fair bit of thought and consideration before crafting your appetizing display. You will thank yourself for it later. 

Here are the main areas to focus on when designing your Valentine’s charcuterie graze board:

A Lovely Backdrop

A platter of irresistible finger foods is sure to entice most, but when it's decorated with ornate botanicals and stylish attention to detail? Now that is an edible experience that no one can resist!  

Spruce up your graze board with fresh flowers like baby’s breath or roses, and some leafy greenery such as fluffy kale, eucalyptus, or lemon leaves. 

Bring out your cheesiest Valentine’s Day decor to really bring out the love! A sprinkle of candy hearts with adorable messages or a scattering of velvety rose petals can be a great way to upgrade your Valentine’s grazing board. 

ornately decorated tablesetting with florals

pastel floral arrangement with candles in front of a sunset

grazing table with eucalyptus leaves and candles in center


You can also add a few strategically placed candles or add some dimension to your graze board with elevated placement. Create a layered effect by incorporating bowls and boards within the tablescape like the picture[s] below. 

avocado and tomato crostini on elevated board surrounded by other food

Fresh Items

After you have found the perfect accents for your Valentine’s graze board, you are ready to move on to the food!

The most memorable grazing table and boards always boast fresh fares. Fresh fruits and crudité bring earthy elegance to the occasion, pair wonderfully with a multitude of dishes, and minimize the empty spaces of boards to create a more encompassing experience. 

fresh grapes up close with other fruits in background

fresh fruit on table


Instead of going for the typical veggie or fruit platter, enhance your Valentine’s graze board by embracing the season! Add seasonal items from the garden, like pomegranates, pears, carrots, brussels sprouts, and more. 

pomegranate and other food up close

For nearly all elements of a good graze board, it is best practice to balance the flavors of sweet and savory when possible. Try to keep this in mind when selecting the best fruits, vegetables, and other foods to include on your Valentine's Day graze board! 

Artisanal Touches

In addition to the fresh picks from the late winter harvest, refine your Valentine’s graze board with artisanal flavors. These include items made with skilled craftsmanship, such as aged cheese and charcuterie, and pickled delicacies like olives, beets, and cucumbers. 

platter of cubed and marbled cheeses

Some of the most popular flavor pairings include:

Salami and Gouda

Prosciutto and Mozzarella

Soppressata and Havarti 

If you are feeling particularly extravagant, add some appealing appetizers to your grazing board, such as simple crostini, tangy shrimp cocktail, or crispy crab cakes! 

salmon and caper crostini


grazing table with platter of caprese salad


Handcrafted Dips and Spreads

Alongside the previously mentioned elements, be sure to include some delicious dips and special spreads to enrich your Valentine’s graze board. 

Creamy hummus, zesty sour cream and chive dip, smooth butter with herbs, and even decadent preserves go well with most graze boards. 

brie cheese with fresh bread, blackberries, and honey


While these dips and spreads marry the fresh and aged flavors of most graze boards, adding freshly baked slices of bread or crackers is a fashionable way to take the sophistication of your Valentine’s Day grazing board even further. 

Something Sweet

For the final element of your V-Day grazing board, don’t forget to include some darling Valentine’s Day desserts! 

Chocolate is always a must for this holiday. But there are many other ways to add sweetness to your grazing board, such as gooey baked brie and fruit, cheesecake bites, and melt-in-your-mouth cookies


hand dipping food into chocolate fountain

chocolate candies and other food

table of banana foster shooters


Want to become a grazing board expert like Table & Thyme? Find more helpful tips on our blog!


cherry and cream desserts on table with scattered flowers and flower petals

Valentine’s Day Grazing Board Theme Ideas 

Wondering how to bring your Valentine’s grazing board to the next level of incredible? Add some custom creativity with a grazing board theme! 

Following a theme, whether you are planning a chic event or a 5-star dinner, is guaranteed to bring some refinement into the mix.

There are so many sources of inspiration when it comes to finding a theme, and holidays like Valentine's Day bring plenty of opportunities for seasonal themes and styles. Think about the main idea or vibe you are looking to accomplish with your grazing board. What foods, dishes, and decor comes to mind? Simply incorporate them into your grazing board and viola! 

Need some help coming up with ideas? Here are 5 Valentine’s Day graze board themes to get the creative juices flowing!

Just Desserts

Shades of Red

Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Decadent Dinner Board


Valentine's graze board with candles, wine, desserts, and flowers on table

V-Day the Right Way with Table & Thyme

Want to celebrate this year’s holiday of love with a gourmet grazing board? 

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