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Wedding Catering, What Are You Paying For?

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Wedding Catering, What Are You Paying For?

In any type of party or event, food plays a major role especially when it comes to weddings. Hiring an amazing wedding caterer is at the top the list for the bride and groom. The overall feel of your wedding is greatly impacted by the caterer and they are tasked with very important jobs. Form keeping the guests full to sometimes providing many of the services of the evening: chair rentals, table liners, and the bar! So what should your expectations be when hiring a caterer? 

A general rule of thumb when it comes to expectation, Virginia Edelson from Bluebird Productions emphasizes that you should, "never assume and to always ask the question directly to the expert". You do not want any surprises on your big day. Knowing exactly what to expect can have a major impact. Surprises are not good in this situation! So what questions do you ask the vendor?

You will want to ask specifically what they will and won't supply. Some major points to hit are food, kitchen rentals, linens, table setup and breakdown, alcohol, and anything else that will make your big day amazing. 

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Source credited to: Martha Stewart Weddings

Cover Photo: Lauren Kinsey