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Cypress Lake Farms


This colorful arrangement of flavors reminds us of warm spring and summer days gone by. We wanted to show you this vivid bounty of fresh food we organized for a business event at Cypress Lakes Farms, but this grazing table is also perfect for picnics in the sun and outings with friends as well. Let us show you this delicious selection!

Grazing Table

This signature Table and Thyme offering is custom made to your liking. The grazing table is topped with multiple meats, an array of artisan cheeses and breads, the best dips and spreads, along with fresh fruits and sweets to round out the table. It is a great option to cater to everyone from the carnivore to the vegan.

We’ve incorporated the entirety of the flavor spectrum on a single grazing table. Sweet chocolate and soft chocolate chip cookies, salty pretzels and creamy cheeses, crunchy crackers and tangy berries. It’s a true menagerie of taste!

We added some sharpness to this spread with marinated olives and savory dips and cured meats. To cleanse the palate and allow guests to enjoy the range of flavors, we scattered pistachios for a nice and earthly balance.

These lovely floral accents, courtesy of Lilt Floral, bring this business event to the next level of elegance.

Of course, every luncheon needs a desert, even if it is a small one. To continue with the theme of a flavorful experience, Daughters Baking created a variety of cake flavors for guests to enjoy. Blackberry Champagne, Blueberry Lemon, and Wedding Layer Cakes were the star of the event.


Table Add-Ons

Steak wraps
Pimento cheese wraps