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Highlands College


The Highlands College All-Staff Luncheon was a fiesta to be remembered. The luncheon featured a build-your-own nachos station where attendants could really load it on. Also, check out the peeper-pleasing chocolate fountain replete with all kinds of goodies.

Build Your Own BBQ Nachos


-Tortilla Chips

- Jasmine Rice

- Salad Mix (greens + romaine)



- Pulled Smoked Chicken

- Chopped Brisket



- White BBQ Sauce

- Homemade BBQ Sauce

- Jalapeno Cilantro Ranch



- Skillet Queso

- Colorful Slaw (plain)

- Black Bean Corn Salsa

- Diced Tomato

- Pickled Jalapeños

- Fresh Cilantro

- Lime Wedges



Dessert Display

Chocolate Fountain, with:

- Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

- Strawberries

- Pound Cake Bites

- Marshmallows

- Pretzels

- Apple Slices

- Rice Crispy Bites